Hairspray, Perms and Other 80s Hair Trends That Are Better Left in the ’80s!

The 80s was a rad era for fashion, music, and movies. It was the era that saw the perm, the mullet, and scrunchies. It was the decade of big hair. The bigger the perm, the better it was. Curls were bigger, bangs were bigger. The more hairspray used the better. Hair was teased, treated, manipulated and styled like no other time in our history.Some of the trends have made a comeback and we are totally loving them, but others are best left in the ’80s.

The Whale Spout
This style was named this because it literally looked like a whale spout. The ponytail stood up straight, spouting hair out of the scrunchie like a whale spout. This look may have been popular with Demi Moore and other icons but it is not a look we are keen to say come back.

The Headband
Children of the ’80s will all remember Jane Fonda’s work out videos complete with headband and leg warmers. The headband was not reserved for workout videos only, it was a common accessory of the time. Women everywhere should be glad the trend did not survive into the ’80s, right?

Punk Rock
This style is not to be confused with the mullet. The punk rock look was shorter and spiky on the top and full and spiky on the bottom. Think David Bowie in the ‘80s. A great look for a great rock star, not such a great look for anyone else.

Bold Curls
Brooke Shields and other icons of the time managed to pull this look off but that is why they are icons. The perm allowed everyone, even those with straight hair to experiment with curls. Not everyone is born with big, bold curly hair for a reason. Bold curls were bold, they made their statement and then we moved on, thankfully.

Hairspray styles
The ‘80s saw a massive boom in hair spray sales. Never was there a time in history that hair was kept as in place. Women could go days with the same hairstyle staying in tact! Fortunately, we know better now and hairstyles are a lot kinder to the environment and our hair.

Side styles
Movies like Babysitters club and Full House made this look famous. Ponytails were worn to the side in a variety of ways. It was weird then and is still weird now. Not everything worn in the movies is a good idea!

Crazy Hair
Big hair was a big part of the ‘80s. People would tease their hair making curls bigger and ultimately making it look a super crazy. Ponytails in scrunchies where teased making them look a little like the whale spout but only crazier. We are really glad women stopped doing this, their hair is also really glad.

Big Bangs
Following on from crazy hair, bangs were also teased making them stand up, making a statement that we are glad they stopped making. Not all bangs were teased but the big, thick bang was popular back then.

Big Mohawk
No need to discuss why this style should never make a come back! Those shaved sides and the mass of hair in the middle have no business here now. They were a popular choice of many well know celebrities but that does not mean they were a good choice.

Hot roller heights
Who remembers the hot rollers? These allowed women with all hair types to create bouncy curls. These rollers and curls allowed their hair to reach new, alarming heights. If the rollers did not create enough height, the curls were teased to make them even higher and bigger.

Put a bow on it
Bows were added to pretty much anything. Bows were added to teased ponytails, side ponytails, perms. You name it, they put a bow on it. Think Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell.

The perm
Some could argue this was the best thing about the ‘80s, we aren't going to argue that! Many women ended up looking poodles with their crimped and curled locks. There is a reason the perm died out and women stopped trying to force curls into their hair, no one actually looked good!

The ‘80s was nothing if not dramatic. Women and men were not afraid to experiment with headbands, bows, scrunchies, and hairspray. Sitcoms and movies of the time had a profound impact on the looks of the time. Janet Jacks, Brook Shields, and Demi Moore all influenced how the hair was styled. While the ‘80s had a lot to offer and gave us many great looks, some of the hairstyles thankfully stayed in that decade.

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