Hot Travel Trends For 2020

Traveling is a gift, one of life's many luxuries and something that is so important not just for you to enjoy yourself, take a break and see the world, but for you to expand your horizons, try new things, meet new people, get to know yourself and learn new things. The way we travel has changed over the years, and the experiences we have today are vastly different from the ones our parents and grandparents had. With that in mind, it's exciting to look ahead to see how travel will continue to change and what to look out for next year. 

As companies like Airbnb and Rumah continue to be popular, there will be more people organizing their trips themselves, booking their own accommodation, and staying in people's homes rather than hotels and organized packaged trips.

Eco-Friendly Travel
Social issues such as climate change are something that people are now more aware of when traveling. More people are considering staying local and having a holiday in their own country rather than flying, one way to do this would be to get a used car from a company like Carlton Car Centre and go on a road trip. 

More Than Just a Holiday
2020 will continue to see a rise in people wanting to learn something new, as 68% of global travelers are considering taking part in cultural exchanges to learn a new skill, followed by a volunteering trip and international work placements.

60% of travelers value experiences more than material possessions meaning that 2020 will see travelers getting in as many different and authentic experiences as they can. 

Travel companies and destinations are aware of the power of Instagram, and there is a huge focus now for hotels, attractions, restaurants, and tours to provide the perfect instagrammable place or moment. 

Solo Travel
More and more people are choosing to set off on their travels alone. If this sounds appealing but you're not brave enough to go it alone, some travel operators offer small group tours of like-minded travelers so you can visit new places on your own, but never alone.

Digital Detox
While many people choose their holidays based on what they have seen on social media or what social media recommends, other people are desperate to get away from it and will opt for fitness and wellness programs where you're encouraged to unplug and stay offline. 

Avoiding The Tourist Traps
People are increasingly going off to quieter and lesser-known places to see the country they are in, to get a feel for how the locals live, and have a different and authentic experience that will be unique to them; this will probably be cheaper too. 

Health-Conscious Travel
Many people don't take a break from their health and fitness on holiday now but will go for a health and fitness holiday. It could be a running, swimming or cycling tour, a yoga retreat, or a surfing holiday. More and more people want to keep fit and have an adventure elsewhere too.

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