How To Gain A Pro-You Vantage Point

In life, we often think that the worst thing you can be is selfish. This is of course not true, but we can see where this sentiment comes from. None of us can live our lives as a hermit unless we go to extreme lengths to do so, and even then, we will be at least somewhere connected to the social order. Life is social, and humans are social, and to live the best life possible, we must also be social. This is not a bad thing. But this does not mean you have to give every shred of yourself for others. We may think of a mother looking after her child as a good example to prove the opposite, but if she does not also care for herself, within a few days her capacity to care for the child will be greatly diminished, placing her infant in needless danger. This means that gaining a pro-you vantage point, provided it is sensible and measured, can be one of the most important things you think of for the new decade. Let’s consider how that might be appropriate:

Rewarding Yourself
Rewarding yourself from time to time can be a great idea. It keeps you motivated, and keeps you interested in ‘earning’ those rewards that you grant yourself. For example, visiting Oodle Cars to upgrade your current vehicle can be a great idea should you achieve a promotion that means you have to travel more for your daily working effort. A little reward here and there, be it as simple as a spa day or as large as purchasing something expensive can keep you feeling considerate and appreciative of the progress you have made thus far.

‘Level Up’
Think of your life as if you’re a character in a video game. ‘Leveling up’ your character in games means being able to deal with the stressors of the external environment, of trying to improve so that you get stronger. Life is like this. Perhaps you may wish to start a new martial arts class, learn a language, or even learn to cook another type of cuisine. There’s no reason as to why these mini-investments in yourself cannot thoroughly upgrade your quality of life. You deserve to find that out.

Know Your Strengths
Much advice has been written about knowing your weaknesses, and this is truly important so you can work on them and know just what your failings are. But also knowing your strengths can be an important part of staying confident and not disparaging yourself at any opportunity you get. Perhaps you have a great ability to make people laugh, or you are thoroughly grateful for anything good you get in life. Perhaps you are a competent writer, or are taking to your new painting hobby well. Giving yourself the credit you deserve can stop you yearning for it from others.

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