Want More From Life? Three Ways To Put Yourself Out There More

It’s super easy to just end up settling. Happens to so many people. Whether it’s with a job, a house, a person, the list goes on. The stark truth is you simply don’t have to settle. You are your own person and your own boss. There are steps you can take to take back control and bring some light back into your life. If you want more from life, or you think you’re in some kind of lull or rut then the worst thing you can do is lay back and accept it. If you’re an introvert it can be harder to follow the tips than for extroverts but the trick is to find your perfect angle. Your life is important, but the key is to realise it’s most important to you and you’re the one who needs to make the right change to get what you want from it. These are by no means prescriptive, but they can get you started.

Try To Make Some New Friends
Easier for some than others, but if your friendship group has grown stagnant or you find yourself without one then you need to make an effort to find more. If you like a certain sport, try and join a team in the local area. It’s a clearcut way to make some new friends. If you don’t like sports then look for other kinds of hobbies you enjoy. Look at book clubs, think about joining a class nearby teaching a language or another subject you feel you could interact with. If you really don’t want to get out and about you can do it over the internet. These days it's easy to access Completely Free Dating if you wanted something more than a friendship. With the advent of social media it’s quite easy to join the right groups online regarding things you share an affinity with. Making friends isn’t as hard as you think.

Reassess Your Profession
If you’re really feeling low and not enjoying your day job then it could be a time to reassess. A lot of people paint themselves into a corner with work. They think they absolutely need the money or the hours available but the truth is they’re comfortable and don’t want to make a change. You can do it. Whatever profession you imagine there will be a way to access it. It might mean studying for a degree in the meantime or a course part time until you have the right qualifications, but this can tie in with making new friends. Getting a job in a sphere or subject you’re passionate about can make a huge difference to your life. After all, they do say if you do something you love you’ll never work a day in your life.

See New Places
Travel really does broaden the mind. A great source of inspiration and a clear cut way to put yourself out there and see something new. If you feel like you’re really in a rut then book somewhere different and see the world. Try to think of somewhere completely off the cuff where you’ve never been before. Try and go with friends or family but if you can go on your own. If money is an issue then go somewhere more local. You’re guaranteed to think of somewhere different close by if you really set your mind to it.

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