12 Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas for a Couple That Has Everything

Ah, the wedding season is here. The heartwarming time of the year when everyone seems to be getting married. From your college best friend to your work colleague, love is in the air. Are you struggling to find the perfect wedding gift? You’ve come to the right place! Some people, couples in particular, can be quite difficult to buy presents for. You have to find something that both of them can enjoy together. In this post, we’re sharing unique gift ideas at different price points. 

Affordable Options 

Custom Illustration 
Getting a custom illustration for the newlyweds is one of the most affordable options. You can easily find a talented artist on Instagram or Etsy and collaborate with them to create a lovely piece for the couple. You can even include their wedding date to make it extra special. It’s simple, but the couple will cherish it for the years to come! 

Map Artwork 
You can get an artist to create a customised map artwork for the couple. This three-part artwork may include the birthplace of each individual and the place they met. Or it could be three locations that mean a lot to them. It’s the perfect nod to their love story. 

Celebrity Video 
Imagine Paul McCartney personally wishing you on your big day! If your friends are big fans of a celebrity, if possible, you can request a congratulatory video from them. However, there’s no certainty if you’ll be able to get a video. But doesn’t hurt to try, right? 

Wedding Song Wall Print 
“To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die”. Whether the soon to be spouses adore The Smiths or have a song that means a lot to them, you can get a handmade lyrical wall print. You can even use their wedding song for this artwork! 

Mid-Range Options 

Wedding Band 
Weddings can be outrageously expensive. If you’re really close to the couple and want to present them a gift of a lifetime, consider hiring a wedding band for them! There’s nothing like a live band to get the party started. A Few Good Men is an excellent Wedding Band in Dublin. From high-energy funky beats to popular hits, they tailor their repertoire for the event. 

Personalised Glassware 
Give the newlyweds something to enjoy celebratory bubbly in. You can get monogrammed champagne, wine or whiskey glasses. 

If the couple is truly impossible to buy for and refuses to accept expensive gifts, you can get subscriptions for various services. From streaming services to meal kit delivery service, subscriptions are practical and always appreciated. 

Vintage Home Decor 
If the married couple is moving into a new home, you can get something for their home. Instead of purchasing a modern decor piece that may or may not complement their decor aesthetic, visit a flea market or a vintage furniture store. You can find pieces that exude charm and character at a bargain. 

Extravagant Options 

Gift an Experience 
Though on the pricier side, gifting an experience is an incredible option. You can gift the couple an experience that they can enjoy on their honeymoon. Whether it’s a cooking class, a couples massage or scuba diving lessons, it will make their honeymoon unforgettable. 

Personalised Bookshelf 
This is a classic choice, especially for book lovers. A beautifully-crafted bookshelf with the couple’s wedding date or initials makes a beautiful gift. 

Fancy Luggage 
Everyone needs luggage. Send off your friends with a set of personalised luxury suitcases that they can take on their honeymoon. 

Expensive Liquor 
Liquor is always a hit. From an expensive bottle of wine to a limited edition bottle of gin, alcohol is a safe choice.

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