A Guide to Giving the Perfect Gift

The only thing nicer than getting a lovely gift from someone special is giving one. Seeing the look on the recipients face when they open your gift of choice is priceless. It can sometimes be hard knowing what to buy, so here’s a guide to giving the perfect gift. 

Set your budget 
The first thing to do is decide on your budget. If you don’t have a budget at all then great, but if you are working within certain financial parameters, figure out what they are from the outset. There is little point in searching for then finding the ideal gift only to discover you can’t afford it. If shopping online, a budget will make things easier as you can sort things by price narrowing down your search. 

What do they like? 
Give lots of consideration to the interests of who you are buying for rather than focussing on things you like. Just because you would love a Pandora bracelet, doesn’t necessarily mean they will. Do they have any hobbies? Whether it's running, knitting or rock climbing, there are thousands of hobby-related gifts available. 

Make it personal 
There are many things you can buy these days that can be engraved, printed or hand stamped. These can include personalisation, a sentiment or even a bespoke design. Jewellery, clothing and wooden items, to name but a few, can be altered to suit your needs. Adding something a bit more personal can make a gift even more special so it’s something to consider. 

Presentation is everything 
Some might say the packaging used is just as important as the gift itself. Buying a well thought out gift then not considering how it is presented isn't a great idea. Whether it’s beautiful gift boxes and bags, or adding accessories like bows and co-ordinating tags. Regardless, it’s really important to get the packaging right. There are many options to choose from so you should have no problem finding what you need. 

Say it with a card 
Spend time choosing the right card. Some are sentimental, some funny and others are left blank for your own message. A card is a lovely addition to the perfect gift. It also gives you the chance to say things that you might not otherwise vocalise. 

People usually remark throughout the year about things they would like. Whether watching TV or flicking through magazines, they spot something they fancy and say “Oh, I would love that.” When they do, write it down! If their birthday isn’t for another eight months and Christmas isn’t just around the corner, you will likely forget. When the time comes, and you present them with a gift they mentioned months before, it will become even more special to them. They will know that you were not only listening but made a special effort to buy something you knew they would like. 

Just remember, gifts don’t have to be expensive. Something worth very little in monetary terms can still mean the world. 

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