Fashion Staples: How to Choose the Perfect T-Shirt

T-shirts are the most versatile of casual apparel; loved by both genders, and people of all ages, tees can be purchased in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes. You might be saying, “Tell us something new!” Relax. What follows below is not only about what this universal clothing item is about. We intend to take you through a quick rundown of how to choose the perfect tee shirt without getting bogged down by the millions of options available for grabs.  

Tee Shirts – Most Popular Casual Wear Option 
Tees will never let you down in terms of comfort, ease of wearing, practicality, or looks. Extremely easy to maintain, they are the first choice in casual wear for both young and old, men and women alike. You can sleep in your tees, wear them to a picnic or gym, go clubbing or pubbing, or simply wear them to college or work. They are also the perfect option when you are toiling in your garden or cleaning your car in the garage . Given their versatile applications and comfortable feel, it’s no small wonder that t-shirts have become the hot favorite of one and all worldwide.  The challenge lies in freezing upon the perfect t-shirt to add to your collection. According to the points described in this blog,  there’s a lot that goes into the purchase of good tees if you want them to last you well. Another important reason attributed to the popularity of t-shirt’s lies in its many areas of application, wearability options, and versatile nature. You can wear them below any open buttoned-up shirt and just as they are. Tees also provide extra layers of warmth and can be worn under a jacket, sweater, or any other clothing to give off a chic and smart look. The best thing about the selection of t-shirts is that they can be purchased in a plethora of solid colors and patterns as per your taste.  

Getting the Right Fit 
While they're simple clothing pieces, it’s not always easy to find the right fit that can make you look well-turned out any time of the day. In some cases, it can be irritating to find the right t-shirt despite putting your best efforts. For instance, some may hang awkwardly or cling to your frame in the worst places. You may look suffocated in some, while others may make you look like a scarecrow with the fabric hanging lose around you. Such ill-fitting and awkward looking t-shirts are best avoided. Apart from making you look funny; they provide no returns for your investments in them.  

How Should T-shirts Fit? 
Wouldn’t it be helpful if sizes S.M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, or any other standard size fit you the same way regardless of the brand or make? However, that’s not to be. As you probably know by now, a medium-sized tee-shirt purchased from one store or attributed to a specific brand will have a different fit from another. What was a size medium in Store A would be size S or XL in Store B. Because there’s a raging disparity in standard tee shirt sizes, it becomes tough to decide upon the exact size of the tee-shirt that you should be zeroing in. ‘Trial and error’ is a good way to judge the way forward as you go store hopping for tee shirts. Wear different sized tees to determine which one would look best on you before digging into your wallet to pay.   To determine the fit and size of the perfect tee shirt, ascertain how tight or lose it is. In case you buy a size too loose, the look will be quite unflattering and sloppy. On the other hand, a very tight tee shirt would make you squeeze into it, outline your frame in the wrong places, or look as if it’s ready to burst at the seams. In most cases, a very tight t-shirt gives off an annoying and conceited look that can be left alone.  

Check out the Shoulder Seams 
Checking out the tee-shirt at the shoulders is a great way of understanding whether it fits you or not. Ideally, the seams should fall on the top of your arms and rest on the edge of your shoulder. Look at yourself in the mirror. Is the sleeve reaching down on your upper arm? If yes, then try a smaller size that fits better. On the other hand, if the tee shirt fails to reach your shoulder’s edge then it’s a size too small and it’s better to select a larger one to ensure yourself a good fit.  

What About the Sleeves? 
The correct size of a standard, casual-fitting tee-shirt sleeve is one that reaches only halfway down the upper arm. If you are tall, then you may go for tee shirts with slightly longer arms to appear more proportional.  Womens capped sleeve tshirts can also look more fitted than those with baggy sleeves.

Length of the Tee Shirt 
The t-shirt’s bottom hem should not reach higher than the hips, else consider it small-sized. A well-sized t-shirt would cover the waistband while extending just a few inches past the same. In case this does not happen then you may expect the t-shirt to appear like a crop top whenever you choose to raise your arms. In case the t-shirt is longer, it may look like a dress rather than the casual wear you love to flaunt. So, the thumb rule for checking the length of the tee shirt is to raise your arms and determine to what extent it rides up.  

Way Forward 
If you don't just want something plain then there are plenty of other options in store for you. Look around and you’ll come across fun-filled quotes and pictures, or wild designs that can make for funkier and more casual looking wear. If it’s something dressier you need then select solid colors with collars or embroidered logos patched on chest pockets to pair off with a pair of khakis or blue jeans. 

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