Hosting The Perfect Event

When it comes to hosting the perfect event, there are some things that just make sense. You want all of the attendees to have a great time. You might have a goal in mind if it is a business event. Either way, here are some tips for you to consider when hosting an event. Before the first guest arrives (and someone is always early), you’ll need to have the venue ready. Running around in the last hour before an event will mean you don't have time to get yourself properly ready for the occasion, and anything that needs your urgent attention won’t get it. 

  • Make sure that all of the nameplate sare where they are supposed to be
  • Decorate
  • Check the audio and visuals are working. 
  • Ensure your caterers have arrived (research the best catering companies well in advance, they’re typically booked up early)
  • Refreshments are on the door ready
  • Do a final walkthrough of the venue. 

The chances are you won't have time to handle the guestlist yourself, so many sure that you have someone who will be paying attention all evening. If it was an invite-only occasion, then you should ideally be collecting invitations or checking ID against the guest list. If your event requires it, make sure the name tags are easy to access by your guest greeters. If you are using QR scanners for mobile phone tickets, then test them a few times in advance. 

If you have speakers, or a panel, or perhaps just a dance floor, then try and make sure you get people involved. Panels are usually much easier as after a talk, people typically have questions. But there is nothing worse than an empty dance floor at an event. Have some friends around who are happy to hop on to the dance floor when the lights go down. 

If you want to make a song and dance after the event (and you really should), then hire a photographer to capture some of the best moments of the night. Usually, some photos of the speakers, some of the networking, or the seated attendees are ideal. A videographer is a great idea too. While photos are fantastic, you can use video to really tell your story. 

You will only have the venue for a set amount of time, and you’ll need to keep everything running well in order to maintain the agreement between you and the venue. Often speakers will tend to run over, so try to factor that in early on. 

Ships Captain
Like a captain will go down with his ship, you should be the last one to leave. This makes the day incredibly long - yes, you will be able to see that everything is broken down and packed away quickly and efficiently. This will also give you the chance to settle all finance quickly and in person. The perfect event is often much down to organization and planning. So get your checklists ready, and wear your comfortable shoes, and you are sure to have the perfect event. 

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