Providing For Your Garden Wildlife In The Winter

The winter is here right about now, and it’s super chilly outside! You can’t go out without putting a coat on, and you definitely wouldn’t want to sit out there with little to no protection from the wind and the rain that’s currently battering us down! Winter’s harsh for a reason, and we’re not the only species on the planet. Which is why you might want to look into providing for the wildlife in your garden. The winter can be just as hard for them, and they might need some help from you to thrive during this season. If you care about your garden, and everything in it, now’s your chance to do your bit for the world around you! Why not spread some festive cheer like this, just in time for Christmas? 

Build Animal Burrows and Critter Houses
If you want to care for the wildlife in your garden, it’s time to think about their needs. Much the same as you, they’ll want to stay warm and dry during the coldest and wettest part of the year. So, why not take the time to build some homes for them to burrow into and turn into a nest? It’s easy to do if you’ve got some spare plant pots and/or bits of wood lying around. You could easily put a bee hotel together with these items, as well as a temporary frog habitat, or even a hedgehog den of your own making. Even just gathering your common garden tools and materials together can lead to some wonderful nesting ideas, so scrounge around out there and see what you can come up with! 

Make it Easy for the Birds to Keep on Feeding
Birds are going to be one of the most common visitors to your garden during the winter period. There are a lot of birds that thrive in the winter climate and stay put, rather than flying south to warmer climates - birds like robins, blackbirds, and blue tits will be some of the most common birds you’ll spot out there at the moment. Which is why you should make it easier than ever before for them to catch a tasty snack or meal. Here is a great option for bird tables, and making sure you’ve got plenty of filled bird feeders, full of peanuts and other fatty sources of nourishment, will go far for keeping the flying population happy. Hey, you might even attract a squirrel or two, which will make for a nice sight amongst the ice and the (potential) snow! 

Your garden will still be a buzz with life during the winter period. You’ve got the time right now to make sure it’s a healthy place for wildlife to be for the upcoming season, so why not go the extra mile and build food sources and nest of warmth? It’ll be a lot of fun, especially if you like to spend time in the garden the whole year round! 

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