The 101 Guide To Find the Right Wedding Hairstylist

Putting together a wedding is an expensive and stressful affair, to say the least. No matter the scale of your wedding, there are several things to be arranged and countless vendors to be contacted. In order to avoid last-minute panic, most of these things need to be planned and booked in advance. In this post, we’re sharing our tips to help you find a hairstylist for your big day. 

Begin early 
Are you wondering when is the right time to start looking for hairstylists? The answer is as soon as possible! You should start searching at least six months to a year before the big day. Especially if you’re getting married during the busy season, you need to book stylists at the earliest. 

Do your research 
In today’s digital world, Instagram serves as a portfolio for artists and creatives. Not only is it the perfect place for inspiration, but it’s also a platform to discover talented wedding hair stylists. 

Ask for free consultations 
If you have a go-to hairstylist, ask them for a free wedding consultation. In the wedding industry, free consultations are fairly common. You can even ask your friends, family or work colleagues for recommendations. There’s nothing more convenient than getting a good recommendation. During the consultation, discuss your requirements with the hairstylists and you can even share your mood board. The hairstylist will look at your hair and give their best advice. If you like that then proceed to plan a paid trial. 

Plan a trial 
Don’t make the mistake of working with your hairstylist for the first time on the big day! You need to plan a paid trial to find the perfect style for you, instead of redoing your hair several times just before you’re about to walk down the aisle. During the paid trial you can try a bunch of different styles. You can even schedule your makeup trial and dress fittings at the same time. This will help you picture your complete wedding look. 

Price negotiation 
How much should hair styling cost? Well, that entirely depends on what you’re comfortable with. A celebrity hairstylist could charge as much as your catering budget! But just because it’s your wedding, doesn’t mean it’s an obligation to pay an outrageous amount. If you feel like a hairstylist’s quote is out of your budget, move on to the next. It might take time but you can find a great stylist within your budget. 

Travel arrangements 
Whether you’re having a destination wedding or a wedding in the other part of the city, you need to discuss this with your hairstylist and makeup artist. If it’s a multiple-day event, you have to think about their travel and accommodation arrangements. Often hair stylists charge twice their usual fee or more, which includes all these expenses. 

You have to spend a significant amount of time before your wedding with the stylist. That’s why it’s necessary to hire someone who’s easy to work with. Getting ready for your wedding is a nerve-wracking and emotional experience. You need a hairstylist who is patient and supportive. You could change your mind about the hairstyle at the last minute, and your hairstylist should be accommodating and understanding. It’s your big day, you can change your mind if you want to! 

Group packages 
Apart from you, your bridesmaids and the rest of the bridal party will also require a hairstylist. Usually, hairstylists charge half or less for the bridal party. You should look for group packages that will be much more affordable. If you’re looking for hairdressers in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Embassy Hair offers exclusive event and wedding packages. So, don’t settle in any way for your big day. Clearly express your requirements and keep looking till you find a well-suited hairstylist.