The Best Ways to Drive Green

We all know running a car isn’t ideal for the environment. And with so many of us trying to cut down on our emissions, recycle and take some responsibility for the planet, there’s a lot of guilt that comes with owning a car. But, especially if you have a family, or live in a rural area, sometimes there doesn’t feel like there’s much of a choice. Below are a few ways you can keep your carbon footprint down and still get about without too much trouble – you never know, it might just save you some cash too.

Inflate Those Tyres
If you’re driving frequently, it’s a good idea to check your air pressure about once a month anyway. But did you know that having deflated tyres can actually mean your engine has to work harder and burn more fuel to travel at the same speeds? Every car has its own pressure for the tyres, so check before you blow them up, but this should save you some gas.

Use a Cleaning Agent
As your car gets older, there’s a chance that deposits can build up in the engine. These increase emissions as they reduce your car’s efficiency. You can use a cleaning agent to remove the deposits. Some premium fuels already contain these but, if not, fill your tank at least three quarters full before adding a bottle of the cleaner. Use roughly about every three months.

Get a Green Vehicle
Hybrid cars are getting more and more popular, and don’t come with the charging difficulties they once did. Used car specialists like Belmont Autos can offer help and advice on finding the model that’s right for you and your family.

Get out that Scraper
The last thing anyone wants to do on a frosty morning is stand outside in the freezing cold with a scraper. But doing this manually rather than turning on your engine to thaw the ice from the inside will cut down your fuel consumption and ultimately also your emissions.

Combine Journeys where Possible
Think about your day ahead. Are you making multiple journeys when actually you could cover everything in one? It might seem like an obvious solution but finding ways to cut down car use wherever possible is one of the top ways we can all lower our carbon emissions.

Look Ahead
Braking and slowing down sharply causes the car’s engine to work harder. If you can look ahead and start to slow down in plenty of time, this will cut down the amount the engine has to work and therefore also cut down the fuel that’s being used.

Keep Away from the Air Con
It’s so tempting just to hit that air con and cruise around in the cool. But, though much more efficient than they used to be, car air conditioning still burns through the fuel, upping emissions and wearing down the engine. Use as sparingly as you can or, if you just can’t stay away, make sure you’re keeping the air filters clean and in top condition.

Think Outside the Box
Cars definitely make carting the kids around easier, especially on long days out if you need to take lunches, toys and other distractions. But have a look in your local area and have a think about activities and outings you can go on which don’t involve the car and will keep them just as entertained.

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