5 Tips to Looking Your Best When Taking a Passport Photo

Getting your passport photo taken is something that none of us enjoy; they always seem to turn out looking unflattering and you have the knowledge that you're stuck with it for the next ten years. Thankfully these days, you don't have to be stuck sat in a booth with harsh lighting and three measly attempts to get it right, websites like Passport Online allow you to take and submit your own photo which is guaranteed to be accepted. This means you can relax and take your time and make sure you get it right, here are some tips for going about it. 

Be yourself
 The first tip is to just be yourself. Prepare for the photograph by getting ready using your normal daily routine, don't be tempted to pile on makeup or wear your hair a different way as you might not like the result and end up with a picture that doesn't even look like you- which is problematic when you need your photo to verify who you are!

Think about clothing
In passport photographs, half of the upper torso is easily visible so what you wear is important. If you're also going to be using your photo for things like work ID, admission processes and business applications you should focus on what kind of dress you will be wearing. A collared shirt will look professional and sophisticated but anything plain and simple would be fine. Avoid graphic clothing that will take the focus away from the face.

Keep your hair tidy
A simple style that doesnt detract attantion from the face, and keeps your hair back is the best way to go. This could be a simple loose hairstyle or pulled back into a ponytail. People with bangs are advised to pin them on the side neatly so that your entire face is visible.  

Good posture 
 Your posture can affect the final look of a photograph. A slouched posture or bunched shoulders will not amount to a good picture. Remember to keep your shoulders straight and chin high but not too high so that your neck looks odd. If you’re afraid of a double chin, just push your chin forward a little.  

Natural expression 
For professional ID photos like your passport, a natural expression is essential. You can smile lightly but no grinning or pulling any heavy expression. If you do, the picture is likely to be rejected. 

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