Does Your Interior Home Decor Scream Vanilla?

Are you utterly bored of ultra-modern homes featuring fifty shades of beige? Clean edges, marble surfaces and absence of vibrancy is a trend that has been widely populated in the home decor industry. But why is it so appealing to derive ourselves the simple pleasures of appreciating colour There’s no argument that contemporary home decor is serene and stylish. But there’s a fine line between chicness and decor that’s comparable with hospital interiors. Colour is an instant way to infuse character into your interior design. In this post, we’re sharing our top tips to transform your interiors into an eclectic paradise and stay far, far away from keeping it vanilla. 

Texture, texture, texture 
Fur, jute, lace, satin, wool- go gaga with textures. You can incorporate textures with throw pillows, rugs, macramé, wall prints, carpets, table cloths, curtains and so on. Contrasting textures can infuse life into your monotonous interior. You can use textures to soften the effect of hard surfaces. For example, layering furry rugs over a hard marble floor is an excellent option. 

Explore flea markets 
From high-end furniture stores to minimalist IKEA, take a trip outside your usual decor realm. Look for a weekly flea market in your area. These markets are the perfect place to score some one-of-a-kind pieces. You never know what to expect and there is a high possibility of finding something fabulous. 

Incorporate vivid shades 
More is more when it comes to eclectic decor. This is the best opportunity to live out all your colourful fantasies. Whether it means painting the walls a striking colour or buying a hot-pink couch, don’t shy away from bold shades. If you’re not confident enough to go all out, consider introducing colours in small doses. From Tiffany Lighting Company stained glass lamps to a DIY beaded curtain, the possibilities are endless. 

Create a focal point 
When you’re playing with a variety of elements, it’s easy to make the place appear overwhelming. Bring some order to the chaos by creating a focal point. You add a grandiose lighting fixture, an extravagant art piece or a remarkable couch, that will serve as the focal point. 

Leave it bare 
The whole principle of eclectic decor is shunning perfectly primed and polished aesthetic. You can leave an exposed brick wall to make your house more rustic. Reclaimed wood furniture is another great alternative. 

Mismatch and clash 
Matchy-matchy is simply boring. Chuck that and get on the mismatching train. A popular trend of having mismatched dining chairs is the perfect starting point. You can also hang clashing drapes or furnish with contrasting sofas. 

Dramatic tiling 
Smooth, flawless marble looks fantastic, but it’s something that just gets lost in the background. If you want something that stands out and enhances your interiors, patterned tiles are the way to go. Installing dramatic tiles in the bathroom is a safe place to start. If you like the look of it, you can go ahead with the rest of your house. 

Leave something to the imagination 
Though eclectic decor toys with maximalism, it’s easy to go overboard. Instead of trying to cover every inch of your house with sensational pieces, leave some room for imagination. Incorporating some empty spaces will help balance everything out. 

Tie-in with a common element 
Every element of your decor should be complementary rather than appearing to outdo each other. In order to create a visually cohesive space, tie-in everything with a common colour or texture. Repeating one element throughout the space is a way to harmonize everything. 

Eclectic decor is all about having fun and ignoring conventional rules. We hope this post convinced you to crossover to the flamboyant side! Remember nothing is permanent, you can change it back whenever you desire.

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