The Art of Adding Art To Your Home

When you look to explore options for home decor this year, one of the things you might consider is bringing artwork into the space. Art can be a great way to fill a blank wall space or brighten up a room, and many of us lean towards artwork when decorating for a modern-looking living space. Modern and antique art can be a good investment for the home as it will often be timeless, and if you are considering how to bring artwork effortlessly into your space, we’ve got you covered today. Let’s run through the essential stages in choosing artwork and adding it to your home this year. 

1. Space
Before you go out and buy art for your home, it is important for you to consider the space you have to display it. Spacing is an important part of interior design and striking that balance between not overcrowding and not leaving too much space is crucial. Take a good look at the wall you plan to hang art from, assess how much of this space you want to fill without it looking too much. Also, consider cutting out some paper and sticking it to the wall to practice how it may fit. 

2. Think of the right room 
When choosing artwork for your home there are several things to consider and one of these is the room the piece will go in. For example, in the bedroom, you may want to hang a piece that is calming and optimistic to make you want to get out of bed at the start of the day. Similarly, if you often host friends and family in the dining room, perhaps you will want to choose something bright and bold to act as a focal point for the room. 

3. Collage it 
If you have a large wall space to fill in your home, a creative way to fill the space is to create a collage or gallery wall. In this style, you can choose many different sized pieces in different frames and space them out across the wall for a stunning effect. This is particularly good if you always struggle to choose one specific piece of art and it will allow you to mix and match a few different styles of a piece such as paintings, sketches, and posters or photos. 

4. Make a statement
If you have a big blank white wall, art is the ideal way to make it exciting. You can really make a statement with the right artwork and a bright, bold piece will add life and vibrancy to any room. Make it bold and have fun with the colours here. 

5. Think shape 
Classic choices for art pieces are usually a square or a rectangle, but if this doesn’t suit your style you can try something else. For example in a modern room, a circular piece of art could add interest and a touch of class to your space. Have fun choosing something a bit more unique this year and play around with it! 

7. Go monochrome 
If you have a fairly simple style in the home, it might work best not to use a piece that has colour on it at all. There are some amazing monochrome pieces you can choose from in your home and they will make a big impression in terms of class and elegance. A particularly good idea would be a black and white natural landscape for a calming influence on your room.

8. Pick a subject
When searching for the ideal piece of art for your room, it is important for you to think about the subject you want to add to the space. Before you go shopping have a think about the feelings you want to convey in a room and this will help you narrow down your options and stick to a smart theme when choosing art. 

9. Think material 
The artwork is not confined to paper or canvas. There are many materials that can convey artwork upon them and they will all make an impression in your house. For example, a great choice of artwork for a bedroom for a cozy and calm feel would be a stitched tapestry or a piece of painted fabric. In the kitchen, you may want to stay a little closer to nature and as such wooden art pieces can be a beautiful addition. Don’t limit yourself in terms of material because you may be able to find something that is totally unique and perfect for your home. 

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