10 Guaranteed Tips To Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

The arrival of the new year and a whole decade is the start of a new chapter in your life. From taking more vacations to sticking to a fitness regime, this fresh start inevitably invites new year’s resolutions. However, resolutions are notorious for being abandoned within the first couple of months. Do you want this year to be different? Are you hoping to consistently workout for your mental and physical well being? If 2020 is your year of self-improvement, then we can help you achieve that. For some working out is second nature, while for the rest it’s not that simple. Whichever category you fall under, here are our top tips to help you stick to your fitness goals. 

Start slow
No one expects you to become a fitness guru overnight. Start slow instead of setting an unrealistically high goal. Giving yourself micro workout challenges and slowly building up your stamina is the sustainable way to go. Whether it means starting with a five-minute run or a fifteen-minute apartment workout, all you have to do is start. 

Seek variety
Sweating it out on an elliptical isn’t enjoyable for everyone. If boredom is something that makes working out a struggle, then you’re in luck. Thankfully, there are a variety of workouts available. From rock climbing to Zumba to pole-dancing fitness, these workouts will keep you fit and interested. Scout your local fitness centres and find a workout that you truly enjoy.

Get a professional involved
Whether you can’t find your footing in the fitness world or motivation is scarce, get a personal trainer involved. For example this fitness trainer in Kensington can customise workouts to fit your goals and teaches you the correct techniques. Ellis Stockwell has highly-experienced personal trainers who are ready to motivate you and make working out fun.

New outfit, perhaps?
There are certain ways in which you can trick yourself into working out. For instance, getting a new workout outfit and laying it out the night before is a clever way to motivate yourself. 

Find a community
Just like you, there are many others on a fitness journey. This means you don’t have to do it alone. Rather than half-heartedly performing a mundane workout, join a group!
From a running club to a spin class, the high energy environment around a group will keep you motivated.

Dedicated time slot
Don’t let fitness become a secondary thought. Replace the ideology of working out when you have time with specifically making time for exercising. Make it part of your everyday routine, which might mean putting it down in your daily planner.

Journal your feelings
Getting up and training often feels difficult at the moment, but afterwards, it will always fill you with an unmatched sense of achievement. Recording this feeling is an excellent way to keep yourself on the right track. Reading how good you felt the last time will serve as the motivation you need. 

Make a mood board
A good old-fashioned mood board is just as effective to help you on your fitness journey. From physical mood boards to a virtual Pinterest mood board, make a visual representation of your fitness goals.

While social media is often condemned for being bad for mental health, you can use it for good. There are several social media accounts that focus on positive fitness. Following such influencers might just be the boost you need.

Make it fun with music
When it comes to sweating it out in the gym, music is a great motivator. Streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music put together fantastic workout playlists. Some people find listening to audiobooks and podcasts quite motivating as well. The anticipation of what happens next will make you look forward to working out.

The level of motivation is bound to vary every day. However, your focus should be on being as consistent as possible. Find the right balance and hustle!

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