Discover the Best Things to see and do During a Tahiti Yacht Charter

Sun drenched beaches, gin-clear waters, and swaying palm trees define the paradisiacal islands of Tahiti. This Polynesian paradise is the ideal spot for a luxurious Tahiti yacht charter, offering the perfect way to island hop and discover the 188 small islands that make up this wonderful destination. Each island is as unique as the next, with its own personality just waiting to be discovered. Although much of the action can be found on Tahiti itself, the primary island of French Polynesia, you’ll find a wealth of things to discover on some of the smaller outlying islands. Here’s everything you need to know about a Tahiti yacht charter 

Le Plage de Maui 
This is one of Tahiti’s most popular beaches, and for good reason too, as it is one of the few beaches in the archipelago that offers dazzling pearly white sand. You’ll find this stunning beach on Tahiti’s southern shore. The beach is lapped by beautiful crystal-clear calm waters, ideal for enjoying a relaxing swim during a Tahiti yacht charter. On the beach you’ll also find a great snack bar, which serves up lip smacking fresh seafood. 

Huahine Natural Aquarium 
Those passionate about marine life will love this fascinating natural lagoon that is filled with an abundance of marine life. Located on the island of Huahine, the lagoon’s shallow waters make it ideal for snorkellers, who can serenely float on the top and marvel at the rich marine flora and fauna. For those that would prefer to sink far deeper below the waves, Tahiti offers a fantastic selection of dive sites, including sheer drop-offs for experienced divers to explore. 

Arahoho Blowhole 
A must-visit, the Arahoho Blowhole is a spectacular natural phenomenon that has been created through years of coastal erosion. A small hole at the top of the rocks shoots out plumes of water as the waves crash against the shore, creating a dramatic scene and ample opportunities for some pretty spectacular photos. There’s a wooden platform to watch from but expect to get wet.

Soak up the culture 
Tahiti’s culture is rich and fascinating, with its roots spanning back as early as 500BC, when migrating Polynesians first settled on the islands. One of the best attractions to learn about the archipelago’s fascinating culture and heritage during a Tahiti yacht charter is at the Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands. Located some 10 miles south of Papeete on mainland Tahiti, this informative museum is divided into four distinct sections – geography and natural history, pre-European culture, colonization, and Tahiti’s natural wonders – offering a fascinating insight into the unique tapestry that makes up these islands. Other fascinating cultural hotspots are the James Norman Hall House, which belonged to the co-author of the book Mutiny on the Bounty, and the butter-cup coloured Notre Dame Cathedral, a late 19th century church that serves as centre of the Catholic community in Papeete. All three attractions can easily be visited in a day.

Explore the Botanical Gardens 
No Tahiti yacht charter would be complete without taking time to explore Tahiti’s incredibly verdant flora and fauna. Tahiti offers a number of gardens to explore, including the Water Gardens of Vaipahi, and the Harrison Smith Botanical Garden. At the Gardens of Vaipahi you’ll find a serene atmosphere where you’ll be able to discover nearly 75 different plant species, all planted close to the basins and waterfalls which run directly into Lake Vaihiria. The tropical garden of the Harrison Smith Botanical Gardens boasts an abundance of exotic plants imported from America, Asia, and Africa. The gardens are also home to two giant Galapagos turtles. 

Discover traditional Tahitian cuisine 
Feasting on Tahiti’s fabulous cuisine is a must during a Tahiti yacht charter. Seafood forms the cornerstone of Tahiti’s flavourful fare, which is often infused with coconut and lime juice for a refreshing kick. Popular menu items include fresh tuna, mahi-mahi, and grouper, alongside river prawns, parrot fish, barracuda, and octopus. Banana, vanilla, ginger, breadfruit, pineapple, and taro leaves are all frequently used in traditional Tahitian cuisine too. A must-try is poisson cru, Tahiti’s national dish, a ceviche which consists of raw red tuna marinated in a mouth-watering blend of lime juice and coconut milk. You’ll find local eateries across Tahiti, or, of course, you could always ask your talented yacht crew to whip up some locally inspired dishes for you to feast on amidst the luxury of your own private yacht.

So, whether you fancy relaxing on sun-drenched beaches, sinking beneath the waves, exploring vibrant flora and fauna, discovering a rich culture and heritage, or simply feasting on spectacular cuisine, you’ll find all this and a whole lot more.

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