How to Make the Most of Your Garden All Year Round

The UK is known for its temperamental weather, but whether it’s cold, windy or snowy there’s no reason you can’t make the most of your outdoor space all year round. It seems like a ridiculous idea, but it’s actually quite easy to achieve! With a few changes, you can turn your garden into a cosy hang-out spot 365 days a year. 

Shelter from the Storm 
If you’re going to head out into the garden come rain or shine, then you’re going to need some form of shelter. So, let’s start there. Nowadays adding a conservatory or glass sunroom to your home is a hugely popular way of getting outside all year round. You can choose to have your shelter-built free-standing for a cosy retreat further down the garden, or connect it to your home for a seamless transition from the inside out. Adding accessories to your garden shelter such as blinds, heaters, lights and sound systems alongside a comfortable sofa and table will make relaxing in your garden a year-round activity (and a pleasure). 

A No-Slip, No-Fuss Surface 
There’s nothing worse than traipsing over mud and weeds during the wet and cold seasons and mowing the lawn twice monthly during the summer, so why not opt for a no-slip, no-fuss surface instead? For those of you who like a natural wood-look but don’t like maintenance timber decking demands, composite decking is a great option. Manufacturing techniques have come a long way since composite decking was first developed, so you can find composite decking in shades and textures that mimic real wood for a great price on today’s decking market. Composite decking is prized for requiring a fraction of the upkeep of real wood and less maintenance means more time in your garden. So, you can ditch the messy summertime stains and sealants for a sunhat and a sangria. Besides being easy to maintain, composite decking boasts excellent grip so your garden will no longer turn into a muddy slip and slide the moment the rain starts to pour – ideal if you have children or pets running around outside all year round. 

The Greener the Better 
Adding plants that blossom at different times of year will keep your garden looking fresh and full of life regardless of the season. Planters can be made using the offcuts of your composite decking and can be filled with an array of different plants. Evergreen and winter blooming plants like Daphne, Winter Jasmine and Snowdrops will breathe life into an otherwise dull looking garden. Meanwhile, evergreen shrubs and trees like oak and maple will keep your garden looking healthy all year-round while providing you with a little extra garden privacy.

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