Leading Instead Of Competing With Your Bridesmaids

As the bride, you of course want to be the most beautiful thing at your wedding. You need to shine brighter, look more stunning and attract more attention than anything else. It's not that difficult to do, your guests will know not to dress in a way that would overshadow your dress. The only real trouble you might have is with your own bridesmaids, the concern being that they will be standing right next to you at the altar. Your guests will inadvertently be comparing their dress style and overall look to yours, which is why you need to leave no doubt that they are following your lead and a level below your splendour as you are the princess. Whatever kind of accessories and style you’re choosing, the bridesmaids should be wearing a simpler version which still connects but doesn’t compete with you.

Choosing the headbands
If you’re not choosing to wear a veil and you want your hairstyle to be seen and admired, a headband would amplify your beauty. Headband jewellery is very popular because it implements jewels into the hairstyle, creating a naturally grand image. It's kind of like wearing a crown without actually wearing one. Whatever kind of headband you’re intent on wearing, consider what kind your bridesmaids will be wearing too. If you are wearing it in a vertical manner whereby the majority of the precious stones will be resting on top of your head, the bridesmaids should wear theirs horizontally. The height difference will signify who is the main star of the show. The jewels will be more readily seen along the forehead and front part of your hair, than alongside the ear for example. Your headband should be more extravagant, while the bridesmaids should have a simpler line design.

Complimenting your dress
Your bridesmaids should look beautiful because they are a reflection of you. However, their dresses must not compete with yours thus choosing simpler styles that look still look elegant is a difficult task. The colour must not conflict with white but still stand out relatively calmly. These green shades at searchbycolors.com work tremendously well as the pastel tones are graceful yet humble. The Jenny Packham Plus chiffon maxi dress is long, sleek, draping but not sophisticated enough to garner prolonged attention. It has a little bit of the classic Greek style to it as the long ruffled drapes are neatly spaced apart. If you would like bridesmaids dresses that are a bit more modest, consider the 1500 Series Plus gown satin sweetheart maxi dress. 

Standardising jewellery 
Intent on wearing a gorgeous necklace? Your bridesmaids should do the same but again, they must wear less evocative jewellery. If you’re wearing complex dangling earrings, your bridesmaids should have the same style but not as exuberant. Rather than a 3-level earring likes yours, they should have a simple dangling earring or a 2-level earring. But they should be different colours, with different precious stones. 

Every bride is slightly worried her bridesmaids might overshadow her dress and outfit. However, if your bridesmaids follow your lead but tone it back a bit, they will still look sublime but all eyes will remain on you firmly. 

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