The Benefits Of Hiring Inflatable Arches For Your Event

Have you ever seen an inflatable arch? They’re hard to miss! Giant inflatables are becoming more commonplace at all kinds of events, from parades to trade shows and festivals! They’re a fantastic way to call attention to anything you are trying to promote. One of the biggest problems facing marketing managers, PRs and brands as a whole, is how to stand out in a crowd of competition, when standard, flashy tools have become a bit bland. Consumers are becoming desensitised to online ads and social campaigns, which is why some extremely clever companies have been throwing it back with aerial advertising. We’ve been thinking about it, and there are so many benefits to designing or even hiring inflatables for advertising. We are looking at how inflatable arches could be beneficial for your next event! 

Cost Effective Marketing 
Many platforms for marketing are extremely targeted, which has its place, but can also be limiting. Inflatable arches, or any giant inflatables, can be used as a clever marketing tool, branded with a message, logo or information about your business. One of the best things about this as a tool is that it can encourage instant footfall and quickly translate into return on investment. It is a physical way to advertise, and if customers can see your inflatable, they might be within walking distance of your business’ event. Thinking outside the box when it comes to promoting your events is becoming priceless. It’s a hard, slow game to build up a social following that are going to be committed enough to your brand that they are going to attend an event you host, in one specific geographical location. Inflatable arches are a cheap way to call attention to the potential customers that are already available in the vicinity. You could even gain new loyal customers. 

Buying Vs Hiring 
When you buy a giant inflatable arch, you will be able to customise it with your brand name, colours etc. This will be an upfront cost, which might be a little unrealistic for a start up or a business hosting their first workshop or event. In turn, hiring an inflatable arch to place outside and welcome visitors to your event could be a great alternative. Quality suppliers may rent out arches with Velcro attachments, so you can still stick your brand name to the blow-up! This will be much cheaper, but if you’re going to be hosting lots of events, it will be more cost effective to buy your own! 

Use Them As Landmarks, Meeting Points & Exits 
At events on big grounds, like festivals, groups of people are always looking for somewhere to meet their friends or regroup. The whole idea of these landmarks or meeting points is to stand out, so it can easily be seen from around the venue. This opens up an interesting marketing opportunity; an inflatable arch, emblazoned with your branding could be the go-to meeting place, talked about by so many attendees. Your brand will benefit from boosts in awareness and visibility. If you or your team are also able to attend the event, you could take along a booth or stool to sit alongside the giant inflatable arch. This can be used to sell directly to the consumer or as a way to connect with your customers and reach a new audience, spreading your brand’s message. 

They’re A Great Way To Boost The Grandeur Of Your Event 
One of the most common uses for an inflatable arch is at the start or finish line of a race! Park runs or charity events can be quite low-key, but an inflatable arch is a great way to raise awareness to passers by! This translates very quickly to bigger audiences and more attention for the event you are hosting, but something as simple as this could mean fantastic long-term impacts! We all know, if your event looks good, it’s likely to be photographed, talked about and draw attention at the time of the event as well as once it’s over on social media. Something as simple and inflatable advertising could help you grow your business!

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