The Hidden Benefits Of Sleep

We all know that the human body needs sleep, even though some people may seem to be able to function on fewer hours than others, but these are just a few of the benefits of sleep. We all know we need it, but very few of us prioritise it or actually realise how it can be affecting other aspects of our lives, including our relationships and success at work or education. Keep reading to find out more! 

Better, More Satisfying Sex 
There are so many different studies that show poor or erratic sleeping patterns are likely to have a huge impact on our sex lives! The research does indicate that this is more likely to impact men more than women. It can be caused by anything from sleep disorders, like sleep apnoea, to partying too hard. Theories around the phenomenon vary considerably, but some of the most evidenced are based around the male’s production of testosterone during sleep. If you are unable to achieve (or just forgo altogether) REM sleep, the levels of testosterone within the body is likely to be lower, because the bulk is produced whilst you sleep. This means that many men are unable to achieve or maintain an erection to enjoy pleasurable sex with a partner, or just masturbation. There is so much social stigma around a man’s ability to ‘perform’ during sex, and many feel that their masculinity or usefulness is being called into question. This unnecessary shame sometimes leads men to buy sildenafil online; this is an erectile dysfunction medication that is extremely effective, but can also have adverse effects on sleep. This depends on the individual and will not necessarily occur in everyone. Prioritising good quality sleep is a cheap and organic way to improve your sex life – it does have the added benefit of making it more enjoyable, with energy to enjoy yourself, too! 

You’ll Remember Things 
When we are awake, our brain ‘collects’ information, in the form of a kind of electrical activity and signals. Whilst we are awake, our brains are juggling everything we have consumed, all the information we need to digest, movements and interactions we have had. As a result, the longer we are awake (and when we are lacking in sleep), it’s easy to become very muddled, because our brain is holding onto too much. This is why when you are tired, you are more likely to forget things. Extended periods of sleeplessness can result in huge memory losses and is crucial for a healthy faculty and even, a better outlook on life, because studies also show that this impacts our mental health! Simply put, our brains are busy organising and dealing with all the information we have given them whilst we are asleep. If the brain has enough time to get things straight, we are more absorbent for future information! 

Beauty Sleep 
Amazingly, beauty sleep is not a myth! Many have come to believe it is an old-wives tale or simply opt for cosmetic products to make up their appearance, but science shows that beauty sleep is actually the best thing for your appearance, especially when trying to stay youthful. Whilst we are enjoying healthy, deep sleep, our cells are repairing themselves. This is because hormones that facilitate regrowth (of hair foliciles and skin cells just to name a few) are able to work overtime whilst we are sleeping, especially during REM sleep. If you are unable to achieve or sustain deep, REM sleep, you are likely to look older because your cells have not been able to repair, and your proteins have not been broken down in the same way. Furthermore, sleep is a well known de-stressing technique. The science behind this is similar to sleep’s affect on our ability to absorb and remember information or events; the amygdala in the brain is less reactive to dealing with threatening situations when we are sleep deprived. As a result, we have a worse and often more intense physiological reaction to stresses in our lives. Unfortunately, stress and sleep often have a chicken and egg relationship, wherein one drastically impacts the other. When we are stressed and unable to sleep, the signs are much more likely to show in our appearance, causing acne, skin irritations such as eczema, and even hair loss, because of the production of a substance known as sebum. 

There are so many other reasons that sleep is so important for us; it helps us maintain healthy and happy relationships, both with a romantic partners and others we meet, it can help you lose weight and has truly amazing impacts on your mental resilience and emotional wellbeing. As humans, we are designed to sleep – so stop fighting it, or perhaps investigate how to improve your shut eye, to benefit from these points today!

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