What Makes A Fantasy Wedding Come True?

Most girls from a young age think about a dream wedding. It's a guilty pleasure we all indulge in. what would be your ultimate fantasy wedding? Although many of us won’t agree on everything, there are some central running themes that we all have. The number one thing we all hold near and dear is the wedding dress. The most epic fantasy wedding dress has to be long, slender, draped and glistening in the moonlight. For the venue itself, it has to hold a lot of meaning to you. Usually, it's a historic church, with fantastically old decor and architectural design. The food has to be a cuisine that you’d never be able to make yourself. A classic French catering service is high up on the list. There are many other central themes to explore, but here is just the tip of the iceberg to get you thinking.

The mermaid silhouette 
When you think of the best kinds of wedding dresses, you think of the classic styles. Long, draping to the floor, pure white and sometimes bare-shouldered. However, they all have one thing in common. They provide the bride with a mermaid silhouette. Long, sleek and figure-hugging design, and a traditional style of chest and waist. Over at Allure Bridals they have some of the finest wedding dresses, especially in their couture section. Take a look at the C410 wedding dress, with a mountain of ruffles below or at the knee line. With a bareback and shoulders, it's an incredibly confident dress, showing a lot of your figure but supporting your bosom and hips at the same time. This is surely one of the best fantasy wedding dresses you’ll want to try on.

Historic venues
Think back to when you first starting to imagine your wedding. It's safe to say that your wedding venue was an old but homely place. A well-loved but creaking middle-age cathedral. Somewhere, where there were wooden flooring, carved rock and a beautiful ceiling. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world all crave the same thing. Stanbrook Abbey is one of those places because it's got a classic aisle where the bride is led down. The pews are neatly placed and generously spaced, and the natural light is absolutely spectacular. The amazing Victorian architecture of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is another captivating place to either have the ceremony or party. The stone archways are to die for and the view of the building alone will make you want it more.

Rustic or fine dining?
Just because you like rustic food doesn’t mean it has to be humble and simple. Rustic food is actually quite nicely tied into many modern-day fine dining practices. For one thing, the French and Italian cuisines largely come from farmer peasants that did the best they could with such little ingredients. You must look back into history to find the most refined cuisines and these two always stick out above the rest.

Everybody has their own fantasy wedding. These are just some of the common themes that you and millions of other people might share. Pick an alluring dress that compliments your figure, a historical ceremonial venue and food that is elegant but comes from humble backgrounds.

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