Science-Backed Qualities of that Friend You Should Stick With Forever

If you are in a relationship, you are probably wondering – is this really the person I want to spend all my life with? This is one of the overarching questions that most people, especially men, ask before they devote themselves to marriage. Your goal is to have a happy and lasting relationship. Therefore, you cannot afford to fall for the wrong person. This is why you have done some research, and you have found out that the right woman is not one who has the best physical appearance. Regardless of race, tribe, or religion, a good woman is who has a desirable personality. She is not only faithful, but she is also dedicated to making you a better person every day. But is this all that defines the ideal woman for you? No! Below are other science-backed characteristics of a woman you should stick to for the rest of your life; 

She is smarter than you 
In case you are looking for a woman who will always challenge you to see the world and everything around it from a different perspective, then find one who is smarter than you. Being in a relationship with a smart woman can protect you from dementia later in life. Also, it can improve the quality of life, thus making you live longer. A smart partner will never stop challenging you. She will always provide you with the best advice on everything, maybe even give you betting tips on the Kentucky Derby horse race. This way, she will keep your mental faculties keen for the rest of your life, therefore contributing to your mental wellbeing. Interesting, huh? 

She is an optimist 
If you always see your fiancĂ©e as a person who will display optimism even in the most challenging situations, then you have found the woman of your dreams. Being around negative people is dangerous, and can be detrimental to your mental and physical health. Research shows that internalizing negativity is one of the major causes of digestion problems, low concentration, and increased heart rate. Therefore, if you want to live longer, then don’t let go of a woman who has a positive outlook at all times! 

She laughs at your jokes 
Have you been making jokes, but your partner finds them dry all the time? Well, you might be dating the wrong person. One of the biggest wins in a relationship is having a partner who laughs at your jokes. A recent study revealed that having a partner who thinks that you are funny and exciting is essential in men more than in women. Therefore, in case you have found a woman you can laugh with at any time, regardless of the intensity of the joke, you have the right person by your side! 

She supports your goals and still pursues her own 
The belief that men marry weak women has no place in the modern world. Smart men marry smart women, who support their goals while pursuing their own. A weak partner in a relationship is one who priorities their goals over those of their partners. But if you have an independent woman who creates a combination of individual goals and those that you pursue together, then propose to her as soon as now. 

She remains calm during fights and calms you down 
You cannot be in a healthy relationship and avoid fights. If you don’t disagree on basic things, you are not in a stable relationship. How you deal with disagreements and make up after that is what creates a rift between admirable intimate relationships and the rest. According to a study by researchers from Northwest University and the University of California Berkeley, a relationship will last longer if a woman is able to calm down during a fight and transfer the emotions to her partner. They found that the effects are not the same is the man comes down first. This simply means that if the woman you are with right now makes peace whenever you disagree, she is the best that you can find in the modern world. 

And lastly…she doesn’t bear grudges 
Forgiveness forms a concrete foundation for a healthy relationship. You can attest to the fact that you are not perfect, and you sometimes do things that hurt your partner. If you don’t forgive, then there are high chances that you do the inevitable – part ways. According to research, people who unconditionally forgive live a longer, healthier life than others. Therefore, if your girlfriend has a forgiving personality, and she doesn’t bear grudges, treat her right, and she will always be the best person in your life. 

In case you have found a woman who has all the qualities outlined above, treat her right, and she will be there to ensure you live a longer and healthier life for as long as you live.

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