Top Five Historic Buildings in London

London is home to several historical attractions and monuments, many of which are considered the most famous in the world. Some of these historic structures had survived wars and fires that there is usually a conservation team to restore and keep them in shape. The beauty of the buildings despite their age shows the effect of excellent brick cleaning. You can contact brick cleaning London for more details. If you are a first time visitor in London, then these are some of the most historic buildings you can visit. 

1.Westminster's Big Ben /Elizabeth Tower 
Top on the list of the most historic building in London is the famous Elizabeth Tower or Big Ben. The building that houses the clock was initially called the clock tower until it was renamed in 2012 as the Elizabeth Tower. Considered the iconic identity of Westminster city, the Big ben dates back to the year 1859. The Tower stands tall right alongside the River Thames and creates a memorable sight for tourists. 

2.Westminster Palace/ The Houses of Parliament 
Perhaps the Westminster Palace tells more about the history of British politics than any other building in London. If you love to dig into the history of England, then the house of parliaments is a great place to begin. History has it that the houses were built by King William II between the year 1097 and 1099 and receives over 1 million visitors every year. For a more scenic view of the Palace, cross to the bridge and take in the sight of the structure reflecting off the River Thames.

3.Westminster Abbey 
The Westminster Abbey is a UNESCO world heritage site that serves as a coronation church and dates back to the 11th century. This stunning gothic building is where several of England's legends and monarchs were buried. These include scientist Charles Darwin and the great Geoffrey Chaucer. The Westminster Abbey also serves as a wedding venue for the royals with a rich history as the site of coronation. 

4.White Tower/ Tower of London 
The White Tower is known to be one of the most intact if most undamaged of the historic buildings in centre London. Located at the centre of the Tower of London, its history dates back to 1066 during the invasion of England by William the conqueror. It was William who authorised the building of the Tower. While you admire the beauty of the Tower, you can also see the Line of Kings, considered the oldest exhibition in the world, the crown jewels, and other precious antiques. 

5.Kensington Palace 
Earlier known as the Nottingham house, the Kensington Palace is not just a historic building. It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing royal buildings in the city of London. Located in the beautiful Kensington gardens, the Palace showcases the birthplace of Queen Victoria with a lot of antiques from the royal collection. Kensington Palace was also the home of Princess Diana, and it now houses the Duke of Cambridge and his immediate family. Kensington Palace is the place to visit for an encompassing trip into the history of the royal family.

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