Visiting The Fascinating Castles In Sussex

Sussex is a place that has so much to offer. From the beautiful landscape, to the small zoos, to the exquisite coastal areas, to the diverse selection of shops, to the religious buildings, to the spots for wild swimming; you name it, Sussex has got it. Nonetheless, Sussex has made quite a name for itself because of the array of stunning castles in the area. If you want to take a step back in time, then Sussex presents you with the perfect opportunity to do so. Thus, let’s dig deeper into a few of the best castles situated in the South East…

Bodiam Castle
There is only one place to begin and this is with Bodiam Castle, situated near Robertsbridge in East Sussex. This magical castle dates back to the 14th century. It is often referred to as a fairy tale castle because it is extremely beautiful and contains an undeniable element of romance with the moat and spiral staircase. Nonetheless, what truly makes the castle stand out from all the rest is the fact that the castle’s original wooden portcullis can be found within the gatehouse. This is something you very rarely see with other castles. This is definitely a great place for a family day out as there are more than enough ruins to imagine castle life aptly. Adult tickets cost £10.30 whilst children’s tickets are £5.15. You can get a family ticket for £25.75.

Arundel Castle
The next castle which should be on your list is undoubtedly Arundel Castle. This castle was built at the end of the 11th century. For almost one thousand years it has been the home of the Dukes of Norfolk’s family and their ancestors. It is a truly magnificent sight. It sits high up on a hill and provides visitors with a wealth of stunning views to take in. The castle itself is breathtaking as well. There are lots of original features, such as; the lower part of the Bevis Tower, the barbican, the gatehouse, and the crenelated Norman keep. There are several different tickets available; gold plus, gold, silver, and bronze. Bronze gives you access to the gardens and the grounds, the Collector Earl’s garden, the Fitzalan Chapel, and the shop and the restaurant. The silver ticket gives you access to the castle keep on top of this. The gold ticket then includes the main castle rooms whilst the gold plus incorporates the castle bedrooms as well. Adult tickets are £23 for full access to the house, bedrooms, keep, and gardens while child tickets cost £11. There are some cheaper adult tickets if you do not want to see all of the castle. 

Pevensey Castle
Last but not least we have the brilliant Pevensey Castle. The story of this incredible castle begins in the 4th century, making it one of the strongest and last remaining Roman ‘Saxon Shore’ forts. Exploring the dark dungeons tends to be a favourite of most people who visit the castle. There are certainly a lot of stories to be told as well. Admission to Pevensey Castle is great for those who are looking for a fun day out without spending a lot. An adult ticket will only set you back £6.80 whilst a child’s ticket is a mere £4.10. You can get a family ticket for £17.70. If you are interested in visiting the castles in Sussex because you want to book an educational tour, it is worth speaking to a member of the customer services team at the attraction in question and they will be able to help you. Of course, there are also companies that manage educational travel tours and put together packages like this, and so you can easily book such a trip through their website. Providers can offer trips in the UK and abroad, ensuring you have something that is completely catered to the needs of your children and their learning targets.

So there you have it: everything you need to know about three of the best castles that you should consider visiting if you are planning on taking a trip to Sussex. There is no denying that these castles look amazing and they all have fascinating stories behind them as well. It is always great to learn about the places you visit, and so we definitely recommend trying to incorporate at least one of these spots into your next trip to Sussex. 

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