5 Ways To Make Your Mobile Hairdressing Business A Cut Above The Rest

As a skilled hairdresser with ambitions of owning a business, a mobile hairdressing brand makes a lot of sense. The costs are far lower than renting a brick and mortar store. Moreover, you'll gain greater flexibility and the chance to reach a larger audience base. There are obstacles to consider, though, such as standing out from the crowd and earning enough to make up for the travel times. Incorporate these five tips, and you won't go far wrong.

#1. Get A Van
While most mobile hairdressers simply use a car, getting a van can work wonders. Experts like CVS Vans can help you find a great used vehicle at a great price. Transform the interior, and you'll have the option to do more than simply visit clients at their homes. Trade shows, promotional events, and other outside venues all become possible. Better still, you can add paint jobs and vinyl decals to turn your van into a marketing tool. The added storage is useful too.

#2. Sell Products
As a mobile hairdresser, cut and colour jobs can only provide a certain level of income. However, you can boost your revenue streams by selling hair care products and other beauty items that clients will enjoy. Store some items in the van and develop your upselling skills to increase your sales. You can also use custom parcel delivery packaging to sell your products to customers that don't even use your hairdressing. A small online store could change everything.

#3. Franchise
One of the few problems associated with mobile hairdressing revolves around the singularity of the job. There's only so much you can fit into a day. Hiring other hairdressers can allow you to keep growing the client base while taking a small percentage of their takings. Alternatively, you could charge them to use your brand for their own self-employment ventures. This option also offers the opportunity to reach out beyond your local territory and earn revenue as a tutor.

#4. Implement Communication Tech
As a mobile hairdresser, you would be forgiven for thinking that there isn't much need for modern tech. However, experts at eHopper can help you find the perfect mobile POS system to take card payments in their homes. This adds a level of convenience that should lead to repeat custom. When supported by the use of loyalty schemes and appointment reminders, you should see greater efficiency. Time is money, and utilising yours while impressing clients is crucial.

#5. Keep Learning
You already boast a plethora of hairdressing skills and know how to use various tools. Nonetheless, you must drive for even better results by growing as a pro. Extra hairdressing courses, refresher sessions, and research into the latest tools can prepare you for the future. When you know how to keep clients happy, by providing the best results, you will gain more loyalty. Not only does it boost efficiency and earnings, but it enables you to plot your progress.

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