How Can You Look Ultra Glam on a Night Out?

Do you have a special event coming up? Maybe it's your birthday or there's some other celebration planned and you want to look your best. Chances are in your day to day life you're not able to make that much effort with your appearance. When you're just running errands you probably dress for practicality, and at work there are likley dress codes that prevent you from showing too much of your personality. So a night out is the perfect opportunity to glam up, really have fun with the way you look and look your very best. Here's how you can go about it!

Makeup is such a fantastic tool for playing around with your appearance. On a day to day basis it's a great way to subtly enhance your beauty, but on a night out you can go super glam. Have fun with smokey eyeshadow and cut crease looks, highlighting and contouring and different lip colours. Line the eyes with liner and add some full false lashes to really finish off the look. You can get some incredible products from the drugstore these days so you dont have to go high end and spend a fortune, and there are tons of Youtube videos that show you how to apply it. 

Changing your hair can completely transform your appearance. Adding some extensions or playing around with human hair wigs are an easy way to add fullness and length or even completely change the colour. If you usually have your hair straight then try a curled look for something different- if your hair is naturally curly then try straight and sleek. Anything that's a bit different to what you normally do will help you to feel extra special. Even if it just means wearing your hair down when you'd normally tie it up.

Finally, the outfit really is everything when you're getting glammed up. If you're on a smaller budget you could always check out charity shops, ask friends if they can lend something to you or see what you can dig out that you already own. Even a simple black dress can look glam if you pair it with a clutch bag, some high heels and have your hair and makeup done. If you have a bit of cash to spend you can hit the shops and really have fun finding the right outfit to wear and go with something really fun. Sequins, sparkly, you can go all out if it's a glam night out! 

What do you like to wear on a night out?

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