How to Imitate Your Favourite Fashion Celebrity without Spending Too Much

If there is one thing common among celebrities today, it would be that you rarely find them out and about in public without sporting the latest fashions. Even our favourite footballers are celebrities in their own right and they, too, spend a small fortune on their wardrobes year after year. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a six, seven or eight-figure income but would like to imitate the styles of our favourite celebrities. So, how can we do that without spending too much? Here are a few tips to get you started. 

Keep Up with the Latest Fashion Magazines 
One of the problems many people encounter is that they remember seeing a star wearing a specific name brand or style and then base their shopping on that one photo. Bear in mind that many celebs will change their entire look year after year, season after season, so if you want to genuinely imitate their particular brand at any given moment, you need to keep up with the times by following popular fashion magazines. Some celebs may stay true to houses of fashion that they are particularly fond of, but they won’t be wearing the same styles once the new creations are out. Even this can lead to spending more money than you are comfortable with, but it’s a starting place to begin identifying designers that your favourite celebrities follow. 

Shop Online Sales and Discounts 
Now, this is where you are going to find the best way to imitate your favourite celebrities without spending too much money. Take for example all those pictures of the highly visible Brazilian footballer, Neymar, Jr. Have you ever caught him in anything but a pair of Police sunglasses? You might be asking yourself, “Are these sunglasses for men at that price?” Actually, they are! You don’t need to pay full suggested retail price when you can shop on a site like This kind of discount site will have regular offerings at up to 40% off the list price. Don’t go to the local high street or shopping centre, because you will rarely find this kind of discount! Online deals are going to be the place to find those affordable designer shades. 

Find Common Trends Among Your Favourite Celebs 
This is another trick that will keep you dressed as your favourite celebrities without buying too many items of the same kind. When you think of the handsome Neymar, Jr. in his Police sunglasses, it’s time to go back to those fashion magazines recommended above. Who can you spot in Police sunglasses in the same or similar style to those favoured by the Brazilian footballer? Perhaps you’ll find Tom Cruise in his iconic Police shades. For more than a couple of decades, Tom has been caught on camera sporting Police sunglasses, so why not get a pair that you can use as the focal point for fashions enjoyed by both men and women? It rather makes sense, doesn’t it? 

The whole idea is to find those common trends among your favourite celebrities so that you can buy but one item, discounted, of course, that would be seen on two or more stars. This works for items of apparel as well as accessories. Just don’t forget to look for online deals and you can dress for less.

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