How the Use of Casino Med BankID Affected Online Gambling?

Making things easier for your end-users is always the key to success. New technologies and communication channels make this process simple happens fast and efficiently. The online casinos also took advantage of modern business approaches - they’re doing everything they can to simplify the entire process for new players. According to, being able to play at the online gambling platform with only your Bank ID became the new hot thing over the last couple of years. And it still is in 2020. There’s no need to create an account and leave all your data all around the Web, and that’s a game-changer. 

The Bank ID Origins Story 
The whole concept of unifying all documents into a single e-identification form, known today as the Bank ID, first appeared in 2001. The idea was to allow people to identify themselves online with an all-in-one electronic document. In a very short time, this form of simplification got a fantastic response from the public. Another significant part of this concept was that the country had an idea to incorporate banking into the document. This way, people could also conduct all kinds of banking transactions with a single, but universal ID. But a problem occurred. The necessary change in the law from the European Union was required to complete the process of unifying financial documentations of users. What is needed was an amendment by which electronic signatures will become as valid as their physical counterparts. 

The Number of Users Is Increasing 
Over the last two decades, a lot has changed regarding the simplicity of financial transactions. In May of 2005, more than half a million people in Sweden had their Bank ID. From year to year, numerous surveys showed that around the number of people familiar with this service is on the rise, so as the number of users. At the beginning of the 2010s, the mobile Bank ID was introduced into the financial market. The number of transactions in Sweden done via this type of digital ID reached six-digit figures in 2015. In 2017, it went over a staggering 2.5 billion transactions. Nowadays, these numbers are way higher as people pretty much enjoy the benefits of finishing every transaction in just a few clicks. 

Using This Document for Online Gambling 
For many years, people around Sweden have been accustomed to having their Bank ID (available on mobile devices too), which they can use for many different things. This ID allows Sweden nationals to make a purchase online, but also to quickly log in to different authority and state platforms and websites. You can even gamble at online casinos that have a Swedish license. To be able to obtain this ID, you need to make all your personal information available to the trusted financial institution. That’s a standard procedure, like filling out any forms in real life. By doing so, you’ll make things much simpler. For example, when having a financial transaction, you don’t have to enter your data once again. The platform you use will simply ‘take over’ this information from the trustworthy financial institution whose client you are. And it’s all legit.  Having a Bank ID is like having a new type of document similar to your passport, personal ID, driver’s license, etc. You can use it for more or less the same purposes as any physical ID. This digital document serves the purpose of legitimizing you online. In case you’re using this ID on gambling platforms for making a deposit or withdraw your funds, you can rest assured that your data and bank account information are protected. Bank ID allows you to verify your identity and provide safe financial transactions to and from your account. 

Licensed Online Casinos Accepted These Changes 
Since the Bank ID document is valid like any other, numerous online casinos that don’t require an account registration will accept it as proof of your identity. With this online document, you can start playing at any gambling platform in less than a minute. That is a fantastic change compared to the dull registration process. Before, online casinos required new players to fill out numerous forms and go through identity verification processes that were usually made out of several steps. Today, this is not necessary with the new identification document provided by the Swedish government. The only thing you must be aware of is that, when you’re logging in to the online casino, you’ll need to enter your social security number, and after that, Bank ID. From this source, you can find tips on how to find a trusted online platform for gambling. That way, you’ll be securely logged, and your funds will be protected. 

Players Enjoy These Changes 
The Bank ID casino has become a common type of casino, and it provides its players with the possibility to go through the entire process quickly and smoothly. Making withdrawals and deposits in just a few minutes is something that players really appreciate. Waiting for your money for days (as it was the case before) wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. The same thing goes for casinos that don’t require you to register an account. Now, people all around the world can access the gambling platform without an account. Until recently, they didn’t have much trust in these websites, as the number of online scams related to a bank account has been on the rise in recent years. The importance of Bank ID in Sweden is significant thanks to its simplicity, quick loading, and unloading money. Generally, people have trust in financial institutions; that’s why they usually have all the details about their users. After you link your platform account and Bank ID, the website server ‘uses’ only your basic information for making financial transactions (withdraw or deposit). That is why everything is much simpler and smoother than before. 

Those who gamble online want their data and money to be secured in some way. By having a Bank ID as a document confirming your involvement in a financial transaction from or to gambling platforms, you, your data, and funds are fully protected.

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