Styling Hacks For Tape- In Hair Extensions

It's no secret that hair extensions are one of the most effective and quickest ways to switch up your appearance. However when it comes to buying and using them, it's easy to be confused in a sea of information on the internet. This post is here to help you deal with these problems, here are some practical hacks that provides you the way to attach the tape in hair extensions to look amazing and give you the look you're after. 

Backcomb Can Add Some More Volume
Backcombing is one of the secret techniques of every hair stylist, it creates more sexy volume to your hair. However, you should remember that when you have finished backcombing the hair for a voluminous effect, the top layers of the hair need to be smooth and sleek so that the hair does not look frizzy and tangled.

Use the Right Brush
It is essential to use the proper tools for every distinct hairstyle. For example, for general hair styling and brushing you should use a wet/dry Detangling brush. However, for tape in hair extensions you should use a designed wide tooth brush that won't cause any snagging, pulling, or damage to your wefts. The special design aims remove any tangles without moving the wefts and the tip around.

Be Careful With Too Many Oily Products
Sometimes, oily products can be one of the solutions for dealing with frizz and tangled hair. Nevertheless, if you overuse it, it will cause an adverse impact on the way your hair looks. Your hair will be much greasier, and the tape on your extensions can be slipped out if you apply too much oil and moisturizing products.

Use Hot Tools and a Heat Protectant
Heat tools will give you the look you're after, however when you're styling your hair, it's essential to ensure your hair is protected by using the suitable hot tools and sprayed by heat protectant. They are absolutely necessary while styling with tape in hair extensions. Hot tools ensure that all of the hair is a similar texture and looks cohesive. The heat protectant ensures that the hair is not damaged by the hot tools.

Dry Shampoo Is Your Friend
Dry shampooing is really good for texturing and giving additional volume for your hair. It means you dont have to over wash your hair which can cause dryness and cause tape in extensions to fall out. 

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