Why Nordic Countries are the Happiest in the World

The World Happiness Report in 2019 revealed that Nordic countries are the happiest in the world and it is clear that there is a lot that the rest of the world could learn from this area. The report listed Finland at the top with a score of 7.769 with Denmark a close second at 7.6 followed by Norway in third with 7.554. The UK ranked 15th with a score of 7.054 while the United States was 19th with a score of 6.892. So, what can we learn from Nordic countries to lead a happier lifestyle back home? There are various different factors that come into play but there are a few notable areas that are worth looking at.

Free Healthcare & Education
One of the primary reasons for happiness in this part of the world is the access to free health care and education. There is obviously free healthcare in the UK but the NHS is under tremendous strain so even this can be a cause of great stress and anxiety in the UK. Free education levels the playing field and allows every person to follow their goals and aspirations for much brighter future prospects. This can all promote trust in the Government which is an area that the UK and US struggle with.

Longer Paid Holidays
Longer paid holidays are another major reason that the Nordic region dominates in the happiness rankings. People get much longer paid holidays in these countries which allows people to take a break from work, recharge their batteries and spend time travelling and/or with friends and family. Finland on average has a total of 36 days of paid leave each year which is a stark contrast to the USA where it is at the discretion of employers but is an average of 10 days after one year of service.

The Danish lifestyle trend of Hygge found its way into UK and US culture in recent years and it is easy to see why. This is all about encompassing a feeling of cosy contentment through simple things in life and is often reflected in interior design. Creating warm, welcoming and cosy spaces can have an enormous impact on how people feel at home so it is easy to see why this has become a popular trend. This often includes features like the use of warm woods and other natural materials, attractive coffee tables from places like Cox & Cox, candles and cosy blankets.

There is certainly a lot that can be learnt from looking at Finland and other Nordic nations as there are many differences in how these countries are run, the general sentiment amongst nationals and how people lead their daily life. While much of this is out of your control, there are always small steps that an individual can take to lead a happier life.

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