Best Home Remedies For Asthma

If you're asthmatic, you need to have medication on you at all times. If this is not the case you can get various home remedies to help. It is important to note, though, that these are not approved as scientific methods and you still need to get the right medication, especially during an attack. Here are some remedies you could try.

Caffeinated coffee or tea
The components in these improve breathing and aids in opening up the airways. This, in turn, enables the attack to decrease and the person to get some relief for a while. 

Eucalyptus oil
With the recent rise in the knowledge regarding the benefits of essential oils, more people are beginning to see the benefits. This is the same for asthma patients. However, it is important to remember that some suppliers do not sell pure essential oils. This is why you need to get the oil from experts so that you can ask them details regarding the components in the oil as well as their percentages. If some chemicals are too much in the oil you may end up getting sicker. Eucalyptus essential oil aids by opening up the airways. 

Lavender essential oil
This oil has been proven to reduce inflammation significantly, hence the reason it is helpful with asthmatic patients. You will need to have actual medication though because this is not a solution that works a hundred per cent. 

Breathing exercises
This may seem like a weird idea but breathing slowly in and out can help calm you down and reduce the chances of an attack. This is not a permanent solution but it does help until you can get your hands on an inhaler. One of the techniques that has some good results is the Buteyko Technique. The slow breathing technique enables the patient to focus on breathing with the nose instead of the mouth. In addition to that, yoga can be helpful. Doing simple yoga exercises can help reduce the frequency of attacks that a patient has. 

Omega 3 oils
These are beneficial as they open up the airways allowing a person to breathe freely. They are great for reducing inflammation in the airways. 

Causes Of Asthma 
It's important to know how to avoid attacks as an asthmatic person. Your genes greatly determine how bad your asthma is. You also should stay away from the allergens that cause attacks if you are aware of them. Most of these triggers are pollen, animal fur, dust, smoke and cold air. Some patients get triggered if they have an extreme emotional reaction. At times physical exercise could also be a factor. Make sure you are prepared with medication and take it as directed, read this article on how many puffs of Ventolin are safe.

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