3 Awesome Office Environment Ideas For Peak Productivity

When expanding your business, you may be worried about risking the successes that you already have. Resting on your laurels is the easy option, but seeing your dreams of a business empire turn into a reality naturally involves a certain amount of risk. When branching out, you may need to hire more staff, expand your product range or service provision and you might need to look into new office space. Working from home may have worked when you were a sole trader, but now you have a thriving business that requires a small cohesive team of people, you need an office space that matches up to the ethos of your company. Take a look at these three awesome office environment ideas to inspire your workspace.

Go Open Plan
The old individual desktop booths of the 1980s are old hat. Individual working still has its place, but it is no longer the optimal way of working. You want a more team led environment that is conducive to water-cooler moments and the sharing of ideas. Create an open plan office environment that allows maximum freedom of movement. Instead of people sending an email to a colleague just a thirty second walk across the office, encourage people to get on their feet and talk. More nuanced and productive conversations can be had. Open plan environments tend to be brighter, more airy and more pleasant spaces in which to work.

Don’t Commit
If you are worried about committing to a long lease on a massive office space that you then need to do up before it is fit for your staff to work in, take a look at this site instead. Here, you can find out about how you can lease premium modern office space on a monthly rolling contract. This means that if you realise the space you have leased is too large, you can downsize quickly and without any financial comeback. The same goes for if you are finding working conditions a little cramped - you can go bigger and simply pay a little more. Committing to a longer lease can be terrifying so don’t do it. Newbie businesses need the freedom to feel their way as they begin to expand.

Enjoy Pleasant Decor
There’s nothing worse than seeing an ocean of yawning faces and twiddling thumbs when you venture onto the office floor. This might be because it is dark, the carpet tiles are grubby and the mould laden beige hue on the walls is less than inspiring. Get your office decor looking more modern to motivate your staff. Whip out the white paint, lay a fresher carpet, add touches of greenery and enjoy putting up some inspiring pieces of art or photography. Allow your staff to enjoy a pleasant eating area and ensure that they have comfortable chairs. By giving your employees decent furniture and a more pleasant environment in which to work, they will look forward to getting into the office in the morning. By being motivated, they will naturally be more productive.

If you want a more productive staff team, then begin by honing your office environment and follow this guide.