Not Getting Enough Foot Traffic To Your Business?

Brick and mortar businesses have been struggling in recent years. Indeed, with the death of the high street and the higher demand to buy products and services online, it’s understandable why some companies are feeling the strain. This is only going to get worse after the coronavirus pandemic. Nonessential businesses are starting to reopen across the world and particularly in the US. However, there’s no guarantee that customers are going to show up to shop. Indeed, in one poll 40% of consumers revealed that they would not return to the cinemas until there was a vaccine that was effective and widely available. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee a vaccine like this will ever be created. This leaves businesses needing to step up their game to ensure that they are able to keep the interest of consumers. 

The first step to consider is how you can upgrade and improve the signage for your business. Regardless of whether you need customers to see your business from the sidewalk or the highway, signage is crucial. It’s always going to impact how many customers choose to stop by. There are numerous different forms of signage available that could be effective for the typical company. So, it’s just a matter of finding the right choice for your business property. For instance, you can look at wall displays. These can be huge and will easily gain your business attention from miles away. The trick is finding the right company that can deliver the signage you need. For instance, businesses such as Leach specialize in this area. They have a lot of experience in ensuring that you will be able to get the right signage that is guaranteed to make your company stand out. You can even explore light-up displays, perfect for attracting evening shoppers. 

Omnichannel Marketing 
You might also want to explore omnichannel marketing efforts. Omnichannel marketing provides an integrated approach to marketing where everything is connected and this means that you can lead your customers down a path to a purchase decision. For instance, you could use a digital billboard to showcase a hashtag and online content that you have been promoting. In doing so, you can then ensure that this leads customers directly to the store that may just be a few hundred yards away. It’s just one possibility that you can explore in terms of omnichannel marketing strategies. 

Guerilla Promotion 
Alternatively, you can also think about using guerilla marketing tactics to attract more customers to the doors of your business. Guerilla marketing is where you make sure that the promotion is an experience unto itself. For instance, you can run a contest or send a staff member outside with a microphone. It can be anything that causes excitement and makes your marketing campaign more immersive or dynamic. 

If you are interested in learning more about the different ways to gain more foot traffic, you should consider hiring a professional marketing solution. They will help you craft a killer promotional campaign that is sure to find you a strong base of customers.

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