What to Do When Job Hunting Gets Tough

Trying to find a good job can be tough! When you are looking for work, finding the right position is tricky. You have to stand out among the applicants, get through resume reviews, and then ace your interview. Whether you are stuck in a period of unemployment or you are just looking for your next and better opportunity, there are a few tricks that can help you stand out from the pack and improve your resume. Read on to find out some of our favorite ways to make the job hunt easier! 

First, Expand Your Skills 
The first thing you need to do when hunting for a job is to make sure you have a solid set of marketable skills. One way to stand out from your competition and prove you’ve got the skills you say you have, is by adding certifications and licenses to the skills section of your resume. The skills section of a resume is often underestimated, but it says a lot about a person to HR departments, and recruiters. The skills on your resume should show off the training you have undergone, and certificates you’ve acquired. These things help showcase what you have done to bridge the gap between your past positions and the one you’re aiming for, and prove you are a dedicated and hard-working individual. Certificates and licenses don’t have to be difficult to procure to make a big impact on your resume. For example, getting a Contractor’s license without any experience isn’t hard, but for a construction or engineering job, it demonstrates a level of commitment and knowledge about the industry you are working in. Altogether, beefing up your skills section can make a big difference while job hunting. 

Next, Consider The Layout of Your Resume 
After you take care of the content of your resume, the next thing you can do to improve your resume is to examine the layout you’ve presented. A poorly written, or even visually difficult to parse resume can end up a hindrance. Your resume should follow some basic principles it should be clean, professional, and easy to read. Having a cluttered resume that has too small of a font or a flashy layout is going to make your resume seem confusing. When the hiring manager has to go through hundreds of resumes, the more confusing or cluttered yours is, the less appealing it is. It doesn’t matter if you are the most qualified person for a job if someone can’t understand that in a few simple minutes. If your industry allows it, consider putting your most relevant experience at the top of your resume as opposed to your most recent. Additionally, you should never let your typeface get below 10 points anywhere on your resume. The small letters let you fit more in, but it is or incredibly difficult to read type that small. 

Lastly, Think About Different Positions 
Lastly, consider creative ways to apply your skills in different fields. Instead of focusing on the jobs you know, focus on finding a position for the skills you have. For example, if you’ve got tons of experience managing workflow at an office from your last job, then you might put your organizational and people skills to work as a volunteer coordinator. Don’t get stuck only looking at a limited range of jobs. Make sure to pay attention to job descriptions across different fields, and see what gigs match your skills. If you apply to jobs you have skills for that are outside the norm, you’ll be dealing with less competition for positions. This means you’ll have a much better chance to land that unique gig! 

In The End 
All in all, job hunting is always going to be a tricky thing. But, with a little hard work and creative thinking you can beef up your skills, improve your resume, and do more to make yourself a better candidate! 

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