3 Things Your Kid Needs Before Getting Their First Car

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for teenagers all over the country. Once they hit 17, most of them feel ready to get behind the wheel and take road trips with their friends and gain some independence. We all know that it isn't as simple as turning up and getting your license, though, and the theory test and hours of driving lessons must come before all that. But once they pass their test, it's time for them to get a car. You can't just choose any car, though, and you need to make sure they are genuinely ready to get onto the road beforehand. Here are 3 things your kid needs before getting their first car. 

Safety Measures
For a lot of parents, allowing your kid into a car by themselves can be terrifying, even after they have passed their test. This is entirely natural, but you can still take measures to guarantee their safety while they are on the road. They'll need to invest in car insurance to be able to drive legally and offer themselves some financial protection. This can only do so much, though, and there are other safety aspects you need to think about. You don't want to be too overbearing with them, but it's worth it to agree to some rules about them driving so they can minimize their risk while driving. Remind them to drive cautiously but confidently, remind them not to speed, and also give them advice on what to do if they are pulled over. 

Motorway Experience
It's all well and good driving from your house to the shops, but the motorway is a whole different beast that brand new drivers may not have the confidence to handle. They will, at some point, need to drive on the motorway. It's understandable why this is scary, but the motorway can actually be one of the safest places to drive across the UK. To enhance this safety, invest in additional Pass-Plus training with their driving instructor. If this isn't financially viable, then practising with them during off-peak motorway hours, usually early-morning or around lunchtime, will help build their confidence. 

Breakdown Training
Unless your child is exceedingly lucky, they will encounter and experience a breakdown at some point, so it's worth giving them the information they need to make minor and fundamental repairs if they need to. As a breakdown or flat tire could happen anywhere and at any time, they need the tools and knowledge to overcome it, as you will not always be able to get there to help them out. Much like motorway training, you can do a few test runs for changing a tire, as well as diagnose common problems that could affect the running of the vehicle. Even a basic understanding of repairs and how a car operates will help them overcome problems, and while they may still need to call a repair service, they can also get back on the road as quickly as possible. 

Ready to Hit the Road
Passing their driving test and getting their first car is an exciting time in anyone's life, regardless of how old they are. You can't just hit the road straight away, though, and being prepared for all eventualities is essential.

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