5 Ways to Upgrade Your House to a Smart Home

Smart technology is part and parcel of modern life. Every day we wake up to alarms on our smartphones, we watch smart TVs, we drive in cars that are enabled with smart technology, and most people interact with even more smart applications at work. Although many of you will remember a world before smart gadgets, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine one without them. All industries are now influenced by smart technology. People rely on it to get on with their everyday lives. We are now beginning to see people upgrading their homes with it. Newly built houses are full of innovative technology. In the past, certain smart applications for households would have been deemed unnecessary. Although flashy, there were few true benefits to many devices. Today, smart home devices have a practical use and can be highly effective. Smart technology can make your home more secure, more efficient, and it can save you significant money on your utility bills. Now is the perfect time to start upgrading your house to a smart home. Here are five great ways to get you started.

Smart locks
Securing your house using smart technology is the modern approach to a safe home. Smart locks allow you to control who can enter and exit your home via a remote mobile app. They also permit you to track who and when this happens. Other features include fingerprint recognition, digital passcodes, and specialized privileges. This allows for the ultimate control over who accesses your property. 

Smart detectors
Innovators have taken rudimentary household detectors and transformed them into interactive safety devices. Some devices simply detect carbon monoxide and smoke and send push notifications to your mobile device. Other, more advanced detectors, are enabled with smart noise monitoring as well as motion and temperature detection. By accessing your phone, you can check if there has been an unexpected disturbance, if a heater has been left on, or if your music volume might be disturbing your neighbors.

Video doorbell
Smart video doorbells are hugely popular. They are relatively cheap, easy to install and act as a passive security measure. They are an automatic deterrent for thieves. They are also very convenient as they allow you to surveil the area surrounding your front door. Some doorbells enable you to communicate with the ringer. This comes in handy if you’re expecting someone but aren’t at home.

Smart coffee machine
The biggest problem with buying a smart coffee machine is that you may not be able to live without one ever again! Early mornings are a lot easier when you can start brewing your coffee while still tucked into your bed. The price and capabilities of these machines vary, just like regular coffee makers. You’ll have to shop around to find one that suits your needs.

Smart device control hub
Individual mobile apps operate most of the devices outlined above. However, as you add more smart items to your household, you’ll need a master device to help manage everything. Device control hubs vary, depending on your needs. Google Home Devices, Amazon Echo, and the Apple HomePod are great options. Or, if you’re a real tech-head, you could consider whole-home solutions.

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