7 Dos & Don’ts For The Bride-To-Be

Have you been engaged and planning for your wedding day? Well congratulations! We are really happy to hear that. Growing up, all of us women have idealised and fantasised about our wedding day. Being a bride-to-be, whose wedding is just around the corner, is not easy. It can bring a lot of stress. This is probably one phase of your life when you are excited and stressed simultaneously. Planning for the big day, making all arrangements, buying the wedding dress, shopping for the new life and making a guest life can take a toll on your mental health. And amidst all this, it is easy to forget to practice self care. Some brides in Southampton even lose a lot of weight owing to busy schedules and lack of sleep due to anxiety. There are few things though that you should or shouldn't be doing. Most often, we come to realise these only after the wedding. And then there we are, passing on the tips to other brides-to-be. But, we want to save you some trouble. We want you to be aware of these beforehand, so that you can have a stress free wedding, and also take care of your physical and mental health.

  1. Begin a skin and hair care routine

One month prior to your wedding, begin a skin and hair care routine. Remember our skin needs time to adjust to the changes. Do not try anything new at the last moment.

  1. Follow a fixed diet and routine

It is important that you follow a fixed routine. Those phone calls, preparations and bookings can eat a lot of your time and you may end up sleeping late. This is not something that you should be doing before your wedding. You don’t want to get dark circles underneath your eyes right?

  1. Prepare the guest list ahead of time

Send out invitations well in advance. It’s good to give your guests time to plan for the wedding.

  1. Don’t always keep talking about your wedding

Remember, wedding is not the only thing you should be talking about with your fiance, mother or siblings. Sometimes talking about light things is good for the mind and helps keep stress away.

  1. Don’t forget to make bookings

There are a lot of things that need to be booked well in advance. If you want any special arrangements to be done for the wedding day, ensure you have contacted and hired the right people for it.

Similarly, hiring a wedding videographer in Southampton is something you should do as soon as you finalise the wedding date. Finalising the caterer is another thing that is very important to be done in advance. There may be a lot of weddings planned for the same day and you never know when your favourite caterer or wedding videographer gets booked by someone else. You would not want that for your wedding right?

  1. Don’t go over the budget

Everyone wants their wedding to be the best. There is nothing that should be compromised on . Be it the flower decoration, the wine glasses, the wedding gown or the honeymoon destination.

But sometimes, it gets difficult to keep a track of the budget and easy to go overboard with the preparations. It is wise to account for the most important and expensive things in the initial stages so that you have a clear idea of what you are left with to spare for the less important things.

Your wedding has to be a pleasant and memorable experience for you. Even planning for it. Make sure you do not get too stressed or miss out on important things by following these Dos and Don’ts. Cheers to your wedding!

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