Unrequited Love: Are They Interested in You or Not?

Many empires have emerged and have subsequently been destroyed due to love- take the fall of Troy for example. Love is a mystery that few truly understand and noone can really solve, many philosophers have tried to do their best to describe the meaning but it's still not well understood. Some cynics have gone as far as saying that true love doesn’t exist in reality, but only in novels and stories. Possibly the hardest love of all to experience is the unrequited kind- where it's not returned by the other person. This narrative illuminating article will tell you how to tell if someone doesn’t love you. 

Evasion can be an obvious sign to tell you that the other person doesn’t feel the same about you. Whenever you try to approach a person to make plans, get to know them better or spend time with them, they find an excuse to get out of it. Sometimes life really does get in the way, but if it's constant excuses then it should ring alarm bells. 

Tone of voice
If the person's voice is in any way rude or threatening then it doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out they're probably not all that interested. Sure, they might be having a bad day but if a person really likes you they'll do all they can to come across in the best way possible, even if they're tired or irritated. A disinterested tone is also a clue, although it's worth remembering that women can be sensitive towards their protection and may speak in a harsher tone if they don't know you. They won't let you in their personal space that easily, the best thing you could do is see if she wants to give you her phone number. That way you can get to know her a little in a way that she doesnt feel intimidated.

The science suggests that if a woman likes a person, she's more likely to play with her hair, touch her lips and ears. She might even have an evident blush and shyness on the face. Body language that suggests that a person is disinterested includes crossed arms and other 'closed' gestures. They might subconsciously put a barrier between the two of you, such as a bag or a drink in front of them on a table. 

Sometimes a person might outright tell you that they only see you as a friend. It's a hard pill to swallow but be as accepting as you can. If you carry on trying to 'win them over' or change their mind they might pull away from you. Of course, feelings can change and they might start to like you in a romantic way eventually but let them realise this on their own terms. Respect the boundaries that they have set. 

Hiding things/ lying
Not everyone is an open book, it can take some people longer to open up about details of their life and that might not be anything personal against you. However, if you've know the person for a while and they constantly closed, don't share any details of themselves with you or even lie to you then things probably arent going to go the way you want. To create a romantic connection there needs to be vulnerability, if they won't open up at all then there's nothing you can build from. 

Different Personalities 
Opposites can often attract, but only if the couple share the same fundamental views and morals. On the surface for example it can seem like you and your love are very different, they might like crazy nights out and you like quiet nights in. They might be very social and you might be a complete introvert. However, deep down you may share similar views on important issues such as marriage, raising children, politics and religion. If you have nothing at all in common with your love interest then chances are things are based on lust alone. And this simply won't last.

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