How to Find a Scalp Micropigmentation Artist

Hair loss is a fairly common issue in both sexes, but due to hormonal changes it's usually men who are most affected. This link explains why follicle decay occurs and what can be done if you're unsatisfied with the appearance of your hair. With the advancement of science and technology, many hair loss solutions have been developed. Some of them work on the prevention of follicle decay, others treat the consequences of hair loss. One of these is scalp micropigmentation (SMP), a non-surgical technique that many call revolutionary. 

About SMP 
This new method masks the consequences of follicle decay. Some patients do it in combination with hair transplantation, for even better results. The principle by which the SMP method works is not invasive. The technique itself resembles the process of tattooing, but it's not painful. Its goal is to 'mask' the places on your head from where the hair fell out. The 'tattooing' of the scalp imitates follicles, thus achieving the visual appearance of healthy and lush hair. The micropigmentation technique requires professional and precise handling. If this procedure is done correctly, the lack of real strands will be invisible. But if you leave it to an unskilled practitioner, the result will be disastrous. That's why you should check the micropigmentation artist and clinic. Most people who did SMP stated that these interventions improved their self-esteem. Those with a genetic predisposition to baldness feel more confident after treatment. Their hair looked beautiful and healthy. What people appreciate about this treatment is that there's no visible difference between real and 'fake' strands. 

Check the Clinic 
Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a treatment that has been in high demand lately. After this sudden increase in demand, many certified clinics started with this hair loss solution. But those uncertified do this treatment too. The SMP industry is still not regulated. That is the main reason for the emergence of unfair competition. Always choose to have the treatment done within a reputable SMP clinic. As seen on, these institutions must meet strict standards. Only the best micropigmentation experts can work there. Among experienced and skilled staff, you will surely find the one which suits you.  Look around you and study the environment. The clinic staff should be friendly and helpful. When customer service is at the top level, patients feel comfortable and respected. You should also expect helpfulness and a friendly approach from micropigmentation artists. You may not be able to assess their qualifications and experience at first glance, but their attitude can tell you a lot. 

Ask for Proof of Expertise 
Scalp micropigmentation treatment can help people with various problems related to hair loss. Different causes of this issue and different types of baldness need a different approach. For example, one treatment solves thinning hair around the temple. At the same time, another type of micropigmentation method alleviates the consequences of hair loss due to alopecia. To treat a specific problem, you need an SMP artist who specializes in similar cases. Each expert you consider must have an appropriate certificate of completed training. Work experience is also desirable. Practitioners who have already like cases like yours understand the issue best. They know how to apply scalp micropigmentation to get the best results. If the SMP artist doesn't have too much work experience, it is okay to ask about their education and finished courses. SMP intervention is not something you should take for granted. You must be in safe and well-trained hands. Don't hesitate to contact the academy where practitioners completed their training. Ask about their credentials. 

Treatment Details 
The reason why people decide to treat micropigmentation is immediate results. Some people don't ask for a price when it comes to solving hair problems. If you are not one of them, you should find as much useful information. It is crucial to find out how many treatments you will need, and how much that will 'hurt' your budget. Before asking questions, it is advisable to present your problem and ask for an expert opinion on the number of treatments. Pay attention to how the artist answers your questions (make them meaningful). The well-educated practitioners will be sure of their answers. Novices will probably give some indefinite answers. It's okay if they don't know a precise answer to, for example, whether the results of SMP treatment will last for the next ten years. It is an individual matter and depends on many factors. Find out more at this link. Ask about which pigments they use for SMP intervention and on what depth they are applied. These answers must be concise and understandable. Inaccurate and unclear statements may indicate a poorly trained practitioner. Lack of experience is not a bad thing, but a lack of knowledge can be. 

Will SMP Treatment Hurt Your Budget? 
The reason why people decide to treat micropigmentation is immediate results. Some people don't ask for a price when it comes to solving hair problems. If you are not among them, inform about prices and payment plans. You should find out how many treatments you will need, and how much that will 'hurt' your budget. The cost of SMP treatment depends on many factors. First, it depends on the treated area. The number of interventions certainly increases the cost, but also allows you to make a payment schedule with the clinic or artist. Each micropigmentation expert will tell you approximately how many treatments you will need to get the final result. They'll also calculate the approximate costs. Be sure to find out if the price is fixed or subject to change. For example, no experienced SMP expert will ignore the fact that skin type has a significant impact on the treatment’s price. Problematic skin with pimples, scars, or older skin requires more caution and time to perform the treatment. 

Trustworthy micropigmentation experts will check-up your scalp with certainty. They will tell you in which cases micropigmentation is not feasible. So, before making a final decision on an SMP artist, always ask for another opinion.

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