Eight Essential Considerations for New Dog Owners

How many of us still think about the famous slogan ‘a dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ whenever the idea of bringing a four-legging friend into our household crosses our mind? Although it is perhaps somewhat overused, the message still holds weight, and there are many essential considerations before making the leap. Continue reading for our advice for new dog owners. 

The first thing you must do before committing to having a dog in your home is to ensure that your property is right. If you live in a small, high rise flat in an area where there is very little green space, and you are planning to purchase a large dog, this is probably a mistake from the very start. Dogs need plenty of space and regular opportunities to do their business. Whether your dog will be an emotional support dog or an excuse to get out and exercise, your home will be its home, and it must be suitable. 

Later in life, your dog may be able to be left for significant periods of time without an adult being around, but puppies certainly need a lot more attention, just like a newborn baby would. If you work long hours and not in the vicinity of your home, a puppy might not be your best option. However, those who work from home might be better placed to take on that responsibility. It is vital to consider the children in your house too. Although most dogs are placid and would not hurt a fly, when provoked, whether accidentally or on purpose, they can hurt and even kill. Your children must be on board with your decision too and be willing to act responsibly. 

The initial outgoings when buying a dog can be large and somewhat eyewatering. However, it is imperative to consider that the spending of money does not stop there. Regular vet bills and large amounts of food soon add up. Be sure that you are able to fully commit to welcoming a dog into your life. Consider a pet plan with your local veterinary surgery or an insurance company to reduce unexpected costs from injury or sudden illness. 

Finding the right dog 
You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first or a house without thoroughly inspecting it. Why should it be any different when buying a dog? After all, it is a significant purchase and will be part of your life for a long time. Some people swear by getting a dog while it is young, whereas others believe adopting a dog from a shelter is a better move. Whichever you choose to do, be sure to do your research on the breed of dog and its background. It is also vital that you check out the breeder’s credentials too as there are many unscrupulous people around in this business. 

Meet the dog 
Spend time with the dog you plan to buy in short bursts over a period of a few weeks. This will allow you to get to know him and vice versa. Trust takes time to build up and it shouldn’t simply be expected. The idea of getting a dog can be exciting and it might feel wrong to wait, but be try to be patient and not rush into anything without proper thought and time with the dog. Note that a puppy should not be separated from its mother and original home until it is at least eight weeks old. 

Whenever you are buying a dog, it is recommended that you get all the necessary paperwork from the breeder or the rescue centre. Knowing what vaccinations your dog has had and when the next ones will be needed is important. Evidence of microchipping is advisable to obtain too. Furthermore, pedigree papers should also be provided. 

Preparing for the arrival 
Speak to the dog’s previous home about any specific food or bedding that they have liked and try to stick to routines as much as possible. Investing in a healthy dog food delivery could help you out as knowing your dog will be getting a decent diet is peace of mind. Be sure to have a little area sorted for your new arrival too. You wouldn’t bring home a baby without having things sorted; it’s the same with a dog. Be sure to prepare your family as well. Although they will be excited, giving the dog time to adjust to its new environment and family is vital. 

Time flies when you’re having fun, and a new pet in the house can be exactly that. Be sure to make the most of your time with your furry friend and take lots of photographs to remember the early days.

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