5 Ways to Improve Your Holiday Dinners

One thing we all want for the autumn holidays is a wonderful time with friends and family – and to impress them if we can. When it’s your turn to cook for the family gathering, you want to pull out all of your best tricks and favorite foods. From the first few bites to the last slice of pie, you want everything to be the best it can be. So, what can you possibly do to make your perfect family holiday meal even more enjoyable? Here are five tips to truly impress your loved ones. 

1 - Try Beef Suet 
Beef suet is a crumbly type of fat that comes from steers, and it is perfect for puddings and pastries. Using this product rather than other types of fat will add a depth of flavor to your dishes that you have likely never experienced before. Your dishes will be a success, and your guests will all wonder what your secret is! Pro Tip: This can be harder to find in shops, but the best beef suet comes directly from farms. 

2 - Don’t Be Afraid of Fresh Herbs 
Many of us use the pre-packaged, pre-ground herbs for our recipes out of convenience. However, using whole herbs and leaves will give your meal a fresh burst of flavor. Fresh herbs can be used as garnishes to give dishes a sophisticated appearance or put directly into the foods for taste. There’s nothing quite as powerful and delicious as rosemary or thyme in the right dish. Replace your packaged herbs with fresh ones and see the difference. 

3 - Bring the Zest 
If you have ever viewed a cooking program, you may notice chefs talking about different flavor palettes, like sweet, savory, or salty. One profile that is brought up often but usually forgotten is acidic. Acidic doesn’t mean anything dangerous, but rather healthy acids like citrus or vinegar for a nice “kick.” This typically means something citrus-based or vinegar-based and adding a dash of that to your holiday cooking will make a well-rounded meal for all involved. 

4 - Tis the Season for Spice 
Everyone has general impressions of the holiday season, such as iconic scents and tastes. Many of those are based on the same spices, such as nutmeg and cinnamon. If you aren’t already, use these to your advantage! Bake some biscuits with nutmeg or sprinkle some cinnamon on your pies. Don’t go overboard, of course - a little goes a long way - but these spices will bring even more holiday joy to your dinner. 

5 -Toss in a Superfood! 
No one truly expects a family meal for the holidays to be healthy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some healthy foods into the mix. Superfood doesn’t mean just kale - although some sautéed kale may be a delicious addition - but can be things like walnuts, cranberries, or citrus. Those ingredients are much easier to add to many different dishes, whether it’s a savory or sweet dessert. 

Planning and preparing a holiday meal for your family group can be stressful, though the reward, in the end, is worth it. However, there is also nothing wrong with pulling out all of your best tricks to create an amazing dining experience. Including fresh herbs, a little bit of zest, and classic holiday spices are a great way to bring everything to another level. Beef suet works well in pastries and savory puddings, but don’t forget to bring in some health benefits with a superfood or two! 

Trying all of these in moderation will bring new elements to your meal that you, and everyone else, will love. Give it a go and see!