Getting More Of The Good Stuff - Sleep

 Sleep. It can be a real hot topic of conversation at times. You may head into work and find that the subject was how much sleep you got last night, or the sheer lack of it for one reason or another. It can be one of the debilitating things, no sleep can really affect how you function and how you feel. Fact. So many of us would like more of it, or certainly a better quality of sleep if we could have it. However, not all of us take the right steps in order to make it happen. Sure we might think we do, but there are certain blockers and things that can have a huge impact on our sleep that we don’t even realise. With that in mind, here are the top tips to help you get more sleep at night, or at the very least a more sound sleep. 

Think about your bedtime routine

Children are encouraged to have some sort of bedtime routine it seems. They may have a bath, a warm drink, a bedtime story perhaps and then off they go into the land of nod, peaceful and happy for what can be a solid eleven hours. Us? We are different I guess. While you may not want to have the bath and bed routine, it may be a wise choice to develop your own bedtime routine, and a bath can actually be a relaxing part of it. Consider what you do before bed, and try and change things to have a more relaxed approach. Get into comfy clothes, remove all of your make up and spend time on your skincare routine, enjoy a bath or a read a book, heck even do both if you want. The idea is that you are getting yourself in the mindset for sleep and to be in a relaxed state. 

Is your bedroom environment inviting?

The next thing to consider is your bedroom environment and most importantly the bed. An uncomfortable bed and mattress is not going to give you the peaceful night's sleep that you are craving. When was the last time you changed your mattress? Some will say a long time or perhaps can’t even remember, so you may want to honk about investing in a new one. There is a lot of difference in mattress options now and you may find that you need to consider choosing a mattress depending on what your needs are. Your bedroom isn’t just your bed though is it? If your room is untidy and messy, or a bit chaotic in terms of decoration then this could also be a mental factor for not getting the right amount of sleep. Try and take the time to change things a little. Paint the walls, minimise and declutter, and cool your room down to a lower temperature. These changes alone could make the world of difference. 

Eye strain or other health issues

You might not believe it, but things like eye strain can cause you to have a bad night's sleep. If you are not wearing the right prescription, or haven’t had your eyes tested in a while then this could be a good idea. You could visit website online to place an order once you know what prescription you need. You might also want to ensure that other health issues are not hindering your chance of a good night's sleep. Even things like your mental health where anxiety can keep you up at night might need addressing. 

Consider your diet

Would you believe that your diet can play a big part in how much you sleep? It isn’t necessarily about what you eat it is more to do with portion size and when. A big heavy meal at the end of the day right before bed will leave you feeling uncomfortable as your digestive system tries to work from a lay down position. It isn’t going to do you any favours. Try and ensure that heavier meals are eaten earlier in the day and keep things light at night. 

What about the things you drink?  

I think many of us would agree that a caffeinated drink right before bedtime is possibly going o be a bad idea, just because they are prone to keeping you alert and stimulated. However there is another drink that isn’t normally a good idea either and it may surprise you. Some would associate an alcoholic drink or a “night cap” as a good way of helping you fall asleep. It may give you the earlier signs of that, but alcohol is still a stimulant and you may find that you wake up in the night or at least have unrestful sleep ahead. Avoid caffeine and alcohol if possible and opt for a soothing warm drink. 

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Putting down the tech before bed

Another stimulant that may surprise you is the use of technology before bed. I guarantee that a lot of you will be swiping away on your smartphone or tablet in bed before going off to sleep. Checking emails, logging into Facebook or simply reading the latest news headlines. The light from your screen is a natural stimulant to the brain, and won’t help you get to sleep. Instead avoid technology at least an hour before you intend to go to bed to slowly switch your mind off and relax. 

Getting an earlier night

It may seem obvious, but if you want more sleep you might want to consider heading to bed a little earlier. Moving your time around to even fifteen minutes earlier can help you relax sooner, and then equally fall asleep quicker, giving you that extra slumber time in peace. You could incorporate it as part of your bedtime routine, so that you get some extra sleep and feel better for it in the morning. 

Other things to try to help aid your sleep

Finally, there are to her things you could try to help give you some extra sleep. Exercise can tire your body, and meditation and yoga can be great to helping your relax your mind and prioritise your thoughts. Meditation before bed can be a great way to switch off from the day and help you relax for sleep. 

Let’s hope that this has given you some tips on how you get more sleep, or at the very least a better quality of sleep. 

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