The Top 4 Best Practical Gifts for Drummers

Many people agree that learning an instrument is a superb use of free time. Whether someone takes lessons from an expert or teaches themselves from videos on the internet, practicing hard can help one hone an impressive skill. But it’s not just the instrument you need – usually, the experts have a plethora of accessories to aid them in their musical talents. There are plenty of gifts that would work well for drummers in particular. You can purchase many of them easily online at stores like Whether you’re looking for gifts for a loved one or looking for things to put on your wishlist, this list of four drum accessories is perfect for any drummer. 

1) Cases 
There are many different types of cases that percussionists require, especially if they’re playing gigs at different places around town. A case helps with the convenience of carrying an instrument, especially one as large as a drum. It also helps prevents damage to the instrument and its accessories. For percussionists, there are hard and soft cases for the drums. You can also buy specialty cases made for cymbals. To top it off, you’ll probably also want to invest in a stick case, as drummers often use different types of sticks according to the genre of music they play. 

2) A Practice Pad 
Every drummer requires practice to get better at their craft. That’s where the practice pad comes in handy – it’s a lightweight and portable alternative to practicing on a full-size drum. It also keeps you or your loved one from practicing on every surface they can see! The practice pad is also a great gift because it’s not as loud. A musician can practice at all hours of the day, without fear of waking someone up or disturbing the neighbours! 

3) Headphones 
Every percussionist should have a pair of quality headphones, for a multitude of reasons. If you have an electronic drum kit, it’s easy to plug them in and play with virtually no noise. It also works for playing along with practice tracks or songs they love. It’s also an excellent option for drummers who practice with a metronome. Most quality metronomes include a headphone jack. Since drums are loud, it is easier for the musician to play along to it with no problem. Headphones also work well for protecting ear damage from playing on a loud instrument! 

4) A Stick Caddy 
If you or a loved one perform, you should know it’s entirely possible to play a little too hard and drop your sticks on stage. The stick caddy is an excellent solution to this issue. It’s an accessory that attaches to a drum’s stand. If your stick slips out of your hand, you can grab the extra pair in an easy-to-reach place. No more fumbling around for a stick on the ground and making the rest of the band lose their beat! 

In Conclusion 
There are a ton of great gift ideas for the percussionist in your life. Maybe they need cases for comfortably travelling between gigs, or a simple accessory to make their performances stress-free. Any of these four ideas are sure to be a hit around the holidays. Sometimes, you may not be sure what the best gift is. After all, there are tons of accessories and tons of brands to choose from when it comes to musical instruments. When it comes down to it, consider the music genre your drummer loves to play. They most likely have a preferred style or brand. Always consider these details in your research! 

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