3 Unique Wedding Venues For Your Big Day

If you are in the throes of wedding prep and organisation, you might be keen to secure your venue. As people are eager to secure the finest venues for next year, when Covid-19 has hopefully passed, you might want to think a little bit outside the box. While a church wedding is super traditional, you might want something a little more bespoke to you as a couple. You can get hitched pretty much anywhere nowadays as long as you have a wedding celebrant and a licence. Take a look at these unique wedding venues that you might be keen on for your big day.

Forget the large modern multiplexes, but the achingly cool art deco picture houses can be the perfect 1920s style backdrops for your big day. With a ready-made aisle in the theatre and awesome seating, you can enjoy a stylish monochrome setting when getting hitched. If you adore the 1920s and you are keen to match your flapper style dress with the Ritz style decor, your wedding photographs will look stunning in a picture house cinema. You could choose to utilise the big screen by putting up a montage of you as the happy couple. Show the history of your relationship and make people coo and sigh as your most romantic and loved up pics are blown up for all of your guests to see.

If you are an outdoorsy couple and you adore the coast, why not opt for a beach wedding like those at https://traveltriangle.com/blog/best-beach. Bournemouth has been doing weddings for nigh on a decade now. If you are getting hitched in the summer, consider the beach hut style vibe. Beach weddings are inevitably relaxed and chilled out affairs, so if you are after a more formal soiree, this venue probably isn’t for you. A beach wedding makes for great photographs. You can even theme your entire day around your venue. Think about opting for a kitsch Hawaiian shirt dress code, opt for a three tier cake topped with a beach hut or surfboard, and enjoy a beach barbecue for your wedding catering. Burgers, grilled chicken and halloumi kebabs could be perfect for you and your guests in the summer sun.

If you are after a more traditional ceremony and wedding breakfast because you don’t have too much of a kooky side, you could get married in a hotel. You could opt for the traditional wedding breakfast, the traditional speeches and the posed photographs all at the one venue. If you are still looking for your rings, why not head to a site like https://www.whiteflash.com/engagement-rings/ and opt for a diamond solitaire affair alongside traditional gold bands. Everything oozes tradition when you get married in a hotel. You might fancy a five star boutique hotel or you could go for one of the larger chains. Every hotel should have a dedicated wedding planner who can help you to deck out the hall or room that you are using for your catering and evening entertainment.

You don’t have to succumb to the allure of the church or the register office. You can take your inspiration form some of these more unique wedding venues.

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