5 Great Ways To Add Height To A Small Garden

If you have a small garden and you are looking for ways to make the most of it, adding height is one of the best ways to go. Even though you don’t have a big lawn or lots of large flower beds to plant in, you can still create a beautiful garden if you learn how to take advantage of that vertical space. These are some of the best ways to add height to your garden. 

Use Climbing Plants 
Climbing plants are one of the best ways to add height to any garden and make use of any walls that are normally wasted space. You can get some great climbing plants from places like Poplar Nurseries that are so easy to look after and look great in a small garden. There are a few different ways to use climbing plants in your garden. You could have them freestanding in pots with some small stakes for them to grow up or you could add a trellis to the wall and use plants that cling to it and grow upwards. 

Use The Top Of Walls 
If you have walls in the garden, putting plants on top of them is a simple way to add a burst of colour and draw the eye upwards. There are plenty of great flowers that grow well in pots or you could even put a small herb planter on top of the wall. Pick plants that like a lot of sun because they will be high up and some plants will die if they are in direct sunlight all day long. 

Add A Wall Planter 
Wall planters are a great way to take a boring brick wall and turn it into something a lot nicer. You can get some great wall planters that hang from the wall or you can screw a wooden planter directly into the wall. It’s easy enough to make your own wooden wall planter so you can save some money and enjoy a fun project at the same time. 

Build A Pergola 
A pergola is a great garden feature that works perfectly if you are trying to add height. It’s a brilliant way to add a bit of shade and create a nice area for relaxing, and you can grow a lot of climbing plants up it as well. They’re also perfect if you want to hide unsightly areas of the garden, like an old garage wall. Adding a pergola with lots of nice climbing plants will instantly transform that space. 

Use Raised Beds 
You don’t always need to grow plants up the walls to add height. Using raised beds will immediately make your plants look a bit taller and add some new levels to your garden. If you have a small area of soil in the garden, you need to make the most out of it and raised beds are the best way to do this. If you plant directly into the soil, the garden will look a bit flat so make sure to elevate things with some raised beds. 

These are all simple ways to add height to your garden and do something a lot more interesting with your small garden.

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