Post Lockdown Bucket List: Embracing a New 'Normal' While Enjoying Life Again!

It's fair to say that there's never been a year quite like 2020. Aside from dystopian novelists, I don't think anyone could have guessed the way things would pan out; a global crisis where lives have been lost, the world has been put on pause and we've all had to learn a new kind of 'normal'. The pandemic has truly affected each and every one of us in some way or another, and even those lucky enough not to have been touched by illness or loss, there has been huge disruption to our lives and our plans. From cancelled school exams to house purchases falling through, driving lessons and tests postponed and eagerly anticipated holidays cancelled. Lovers and families from other houses were kept apart for months, and all of our hobbies and interests from activities to classes were no longer available meaning many of us not only lost our routines, but a sense of ourselves too. Thankfully, we're all starting to see light at the end of the tunnel now, and while things certainly look different now, some of our plans are able to be rearranged. No longer are we queuing for hours just to get groceries and the shelves are no longer bare, we can go out and cautiously socialise again and some of our hobbies, events and activities are being resumed. Because we all missed out on so much over those months, most of us are keen to make up for lost time and get back to living our lives and enjoying ourselves again, while of course being sensible and following guidance to stay healthy. If the pandemic has taught us anything it should be that we should never take our freedoms forgranted and appreciate how amazing it is that we have these kinds of events and activities to enjoy. Even previously 'mundane' things like a trip to the cinema or a restaurant are so much more enjoyable now so try to remember that next time you're complainng you're bored- there's more to do than you think! Here are some ideas to pop on your post lockdown bucket list.

Sporting Events
When sporting events were cancelled due to coronavirus, it was such a loss for the fans as well as the players. When you follow a sport, having matches, games and entire competitions cancelled is devastating. The Olympics was of course cancelled this year, which has only ever happened three times since its opening in 1896 (the previous times were due to the world wars). It's looking as though most things will be able to resume again next year, so going to see your favourite sporting event is definitely worth putting on your post lockdown bucket list. For peace of mind, events like Wimbledon Hospitality 2021 will offer a full refund if it does happen to be cancelled again next year due to coronavirus. So you can book with peace of mind knowing that you won't lose out if the pandemic stretches on.  

Travel was perhaps the biggest freedom that we lost during lockdown. During the worst of it (when we were only allowed to go out locally for exercise) most of us dreamed about being able to travel just about anywhere else. While travel to many parts of the world is still off limits, one thing we can do now that we're out of lockdown is travel to other parts of the UK. Book a caravan or campervan, or pitch a tent in some stunning woodland such as the Forest of Dean. Go to a city you've never been to and enjoy some retail therapy- just remember to bring your mask. Go and see places of beauty such as the Lake District, or go walking in the beautiful countrysides of Shropshire or Yorkshire. There's plenty you can do while still following guidelines and staying safe. If you want to book an overseas trip for this year or next, do your research carefully and be sure you'll be able to get a refund in the event that lockdown measures are increased or travel is cancelled again. 

Many of us are guilty of not seeing our loved ones as much as we like. Before Covid, most of us would admit that we were often 'too busy' to make time for the most important people in our lives. It was only when restrictions were put in place and we had no choice but to not see our friends and family that it clicked just how cruicial these people are. If you missed your loved ones over lockdown, make the most of them now. At this stage, most people have been told they can stop shielding, we can see loved ones again in their homes and meet in public places. Never forget the importance of seeing each other face to face, and try not to fall back into a habit of mainly connecting via social media if you do have the ability to meet.

What do you have on your post lockdown bucket list?

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