Easy Ways to Save Money On Your Phone Bill

Saving money on your phone bill might seem a little tricky - after all, you’re locked into a contract for who knows how many more months, and there’s no chance you can afford the cost to end it early. However, there are changes you can make, and a few things you can know for next time. So, with that in mind, here are some of the best ways to save a bit of extra cash on your phone bill every month. 

Be Realistic About Your Usage Needs
Do you really need 16GB of data, even though you’re only using about half of it per month? Maybe it’s time to switch to an 8GB plan? It’s going to be cheaper for you per month, and it makes sure you’re never wasting the features a contract allows you to access. Unless you’re with a provider that adds unused data onto next month’s allowance, this is definitely something you need to think about! 

Try SIM Only Contracts
SIM only contracts are out there, and they don’t get as much of a look in in the modern day and age. Most people like to get a phone and SIM combo; they like not having to pay upfront for the model they want, as well as get all of their minutes, text, and data needs satisfied from the offset. However, if you go for a SIM only do, you’ll be paying as you go. It’s much cheaper, makes sure you never go over a limit, and you’ll feel much better about having to fork out £300+ for the handset you’re using the SIM in. 

Check for Better Deals
There are a few out there! And when it comes to checking for the best mobile phone deals, all you’ve got to do is know the right place to start. You’re not locked into the provider you’re currently with; when your contract is up, you don’t have to stay! So shop around a little more, and find something that truly fits you. 

Make Good Use of Caps
And finally, if you’re going to be paying for a monthly contract for a good year or so yet, make sure you set up a cap on your usage. If you’re on the phone a lot, talking to your friends and family, and you’re always running up a couple of hours with each person, there’s no wonder your bill is so high when you get a text about it! So set up a cap. This can be done for all of your calls, texts, and data usage, and can range from a couple of quid to £10 and over. Your provider will let you know when you’re about to hit this cap, and when you have hit it, so make sure you pay attention!

Saving money on your phone bill can be done! Just make sure you’ve shopped around, you know what’s cheaper to do, and never settle into a contract you don’t love the look of.

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