Why The Second-hand Watch Market Offers Much More Than you Think

Why The Second-hand Watch Market Offers Much More Than you Think

 The luxury second-hand watch market has boomed of late, and initial reports suggest that even as early as 2023, the second-hand luxury watch market could surpass new watch sales for the first time? When you think of luxury second-hand watches, your initial reaction could be to think straight to the watch industry's big guns, such as your Rolex and Omega. While these both are attractive second-hand watch options, the market has expanded to include more modern retailers and designs with buyers showing appreciation for the craftsmanship behind models such as Franck Muller and Roger Dubuis.

Buy Why Buy From the Second Hand Watch Market?

Luxury items are often seen as a splurge of finances and while buying new is always an option, there is no denying buying a preloved watch can save you some money in the long run. But buying a classic timepiece shouldn't be about the cost; it appreciates the timepiece, and the details and care went into making the classic wristwatch.


At first, newer models, as with anything, will show a slight depreciation once bought. This is typical and inevitable. However, when discussing the value of watches, it is the complete opposite of buying a car. If you're investing in a watch for the value over a highly crafted piece of art to adorn your wrist, then choosing to buy second hand could be the perfect option for you. Second-hand watches will have held their value and potentially increased in value too. The older and more sought after the model, the higher its value, such as buying the Patek Philippe Nautilus online. Meaning if you sought to sell on your second-hand luxury watch in the future, you could likely recoup most or even all of your investment.

Exclusive and Rare Find in the Second Hand Watch Market

Rarely, high end and luxury watch retailers both online and in bricks and mortar stores will hold older, preloved pieces opting for the latest and newest designs. Choosing the second-hand watch market for your next watch means you can look for those previously overlooked models and find something totally different from what is available to buy brand new. Previously finding rare and specific models wasn't as clear cut. Still, now, thanks to the availability of information online, you can easily identify rarer models from different brands and locate them on the preloved watch market.

Remember to Buy Via an Authorised Dealer

Many e-tailers are popping up online with collections of preloved and second-hand watches. Demand is such that retailers are looking for experts in second-hand watches to clear older stock to make new designs hitting the market. Looking for a second-hand watch seller online means you need to do your homework initially to make sure you are buying from a reputable retailer. Sourcing a second-hand timepiece from a trusted seller means all the appreciation and proof you are buying a genuine watch, not a replica, has been done, and you can be confident in your purchase.

The Benefits of Buying a Second Hand Watch Online

Another bonus of buying second-hand watches online is that the pressure to buy has been totally removed from the equation. You are free to browse and keep coming back until you find your perfect watch. Plus, choosing to buy a second-hand watch online will mean, should you wish to resell in the future, you can easily identify the right place to sell your watch and how much you can reasonably expect to sell it for.