CBD For Your Dog- How To Administer It Safely And Effectively

If you are a dog owner, you will understand the importance of keeping your pooch healthy and happy. While staying ahead of the vet appointments and keeping an eye on unusual symptoms helps, you cannot be too careful. Fortunately, CBD has emerged as a popular wellness aid for pets if you are looking for a natural way to enhance your furry companion’s life. CBD serves a range of benefits for dogs, from reducing anxiety, inducing calmness, easing age-related conditions, and enhancing the overall well-being. However, you must administer it safely and effectively to ensure that the pet derives the best benefits from the substance. If you are only starting with CBD for your dog, here are some tips to help. 

Understand the modes of administration 
When it comes to administrating CBD to pets, there is a choice between oil and treats. The selection depends on the dog’s temperament, though giving them CBD oil is also simple enough. You can add a few drops to their food or squeeze directly in the pet’s mouth of ears. You can also use it for local application on itchy paws and injury sites. Pet treats are probably the easier way because you just have to feed them directly to the dog. Whichever product you choose, check the label carefully for dosage and instructions. Your vet may also have some recommendations regarding the choice of products, so be sure to seek advice from them. 

Know the dosage basics 
The safety and efficacy of CBD for pets is greatly dependent on the right dosage, just like with any other medication. Even if you have some doubts about the safety implications of the product, you can Read more here to check research-based facts on dosage and safety. The right dose typically depends on the product you are using and the size of the dog. While the product labels give you dosage instructions, it is safe to follow the rule of 0.2mg of CBD per pound for your dog. If it weighs 25 pounds, 5 mg is the safe dose. Also, pay attention to the animal’s mood and temperament after you start using the product, and you can adjust the dosage accordingly. 

Have clear expectations 
As a dog owner, you should also have clear expectations about how CBD would work for your pet. The efficacy depends on different factors such as the age, weight, and activity level of the animal. The method of delivery determines how long it will show results. For example, sublingual administration is ideal if you want quick relief for the symptoms of health issues like canine anxiety and joint pains. Conversely, chews, and treats may take a couple of hours to start working. Also, the outcomes are subjective as some animals are more sensitive and experience a stronger effect. It makes sense to start with the lowest possible dose and increase gradually as you understand the tolerance of your pet. 

Finding a perfect dose of CBD for your dog may require some effort and vigilance, but they are absolutely worthwhile. CBD done right for pets can do wonders for their health, so you should explore the idea sooner rather than later.