Coping With Your Mental Health When You Work From Home

Working from home can take its toll. Whether you’re doing it temporarily as a measure against the pandemic, or you’ve been doing it for a while as a way to try to enjoy more freedom and get out of the rat race, it’s important to remember that it won’t be a walk in the park. Working from home has many benefits, but it also presents many challenges. Below, we’ll talk about coping with your mental health when you work from home. 

Exercise First or Take A Break
Start the day in a way that is going to make you feel empowered, strong, and ready to take on whatever it throws at you. Exercise is a brilliant way to start the day, as it pumps you full of endorphins and leaves you feeling capable. It can put you in a better mood, as well as help you to stay focused and productive. If you don’t exercise earlier in the day, you may end up sitting at your desk all day feeling stiff and unhappy. If you don’t want to exercise in the morning or can’t for whatever reason, then try to take an exercise break. Perhaps you could do a small portion of your work, exercise, and then get on with what is left. It ultimately depends on your schedule and what makes you feel good - just know yourself enough to know if you’ll make excuses later on not to exercise. Getting it done in the morning eliminates your ability to make excuses. 

Plan In Your Breaks
Plan your breaks so that you don’t feel guilty for taking them. If you don’t plan them, you may not end up getting enough break time at all. Even if you do take breaks, you might feel guilty or like you should still be working. Breaks are essential to your wellbeing, so try to schedule them in and get away from the computer without feeling guilty. 

Give Yourself Set Working Hours 
Having set working hours, if possible, can ensure that you’re not working late into the night and compromising your sleep and wellbeing. By having an idea of the working hours you’d like to stick to, you give yourself a routine. Many think that the whole point of working from home is to get out of a routine, but that’s not the case. Many home workers still need a good routine and schedule to feel good and get things done. 

Watch What You Consume 
The things you consume will have a huge impact on your mood. Don’t have the news on during the day, and avoid things that could upset or distract you. Staying off social media is a good idea. Make sure you watch what you consume in terms of what you eat, too. Some foods will slow you down, others will make you feel good. Balanced meals are key, and you can also try taking cbd gummies to ease any anxiety - but make sure you do your own research first. 

Don’t Take On More Than You Can Handle
You can’t necessarily get more done when you work from home. Don’t take on more than you can actually handle. Take on the amount that feels comfortable to you. 

Be Honest About Your Situation
If you’re taking on work from various companies or doing most of your work for one client, it could be useful to let them know about your situation so they can feel at ease when you tell them to expect a delay. Many will be understanding if you need a day off from work. Many will understand if you have kids and can’t always get things done when they should be. As long as you’re honest, they should understand. 

Try To Get Out of The House
Staying in the house all day can feel terrible - we need fresh air and sunlight to feel good. Try to get outside, whether it’s sitting outside and meditating or going for a short walk. Don’t stay cooped up all day. Exercising outside could be even better and will help you to get two things done in one. Speak To Somebody Finally, don’t be afraid to speak out. If you’re struggling, letting somebody know can be a real weight off your shoulders. Your loved ones won’t always know how to respond or support you, so tell them what you need. Just don’t use their support in place of a licensed professional, as they are the only ones who are qualified to help you.